Request Letter for Stall Permission

Sample application letter to request for getting stall permission on festivals, parties, programs, exhibitions, fairs, ceremonies and temporary marketing from the relevant authorities.


Subject: Permission Letter to Setup Stall

Dear Ms. Shanzay,

Firstly, we thanks and appreciate your company for allowing us to set up our annual fundraising stall last year, in 20XX. We would like for you to grant us the permission to put up our funds collection stall this year, in 20XX too. It would also be an immense favor on your part, if you would encourage and inform your employees to support our cause and participate actively.


Your Name
Designation and Company

Request Letter for Stall Permission

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing well in health. I’m writing this letter to you so that I can request you to give me the stall in front rows in funfair. As I have submitted application for that earlier but your management team gave that stall to some other person. It would be a huge favor if you do this.

Hoping for positive response



Mr. Hadi Ahmed

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