Sample Request Letter for Fire Extinguisher

Format of request letter to send to school head, dean, principal, and asking them to arrange a fire extinguisher in case if something unfortunate happens, and a fire break out, the extinguisher will act as a lifesaver tool then.

Letter for Arranging a Fire Safety Extinguisher in School

Roll number

Respected madam!

Hope you are doing well. Madam I am a student of class tenth, and recently I have witnessed an incident that I want to alarm you about. As our class was doing an experiment for our chemistry lab yesterday some chemical reacted in a way that it was not supposed to causing to erupt a flame. Thankfully it was under control immediately, and nobody was hurt but when someone shouted to get a fire extinguisher there was none in sight.

Thank God it was not a fire of that level which needed to be control by extinguisher but still it is one of the basic necessities of our school. I hope you will take notice of my letter, and will try to arrange a fire extinguisher as soon as you can.


Student I.D

Sample Request Letter for Fire Extinguisher

To The Managers

It has come to my attention that we do not have a fire extinguisher at the workplace. This is very concerning due to the recent reports of buildings in this city catching fire which could have been prevented had there been early use of a fire extinguisher.

Furthermore, the law requires all buildings to stay up to date on the fire safety code, and all buildings should have easily accessible fire extinguishers.

I request that a fire extinguisher be placed in the office immediately.


Barbara Moses

Sample Request Letter for Fire Extinguisher

Respected Manager,

I sent this letter to request you for a fire extinguisher in the office. As you aware that last week, a fire erupted in the kitchen, and as there was no fire extinguisher it was a lot of hassle to put out the fire. The cook got injured too, and such incidents can happen in the future too so caution is necessary. Therefore I request you to approve my request so I can place an order for fire extinguishers to avoid any sort of material, or life damage in the future. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali noor

In-charge Logistics

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