Love Letter to Boyfriend Show Your True Love Feelings

Want to write a letter to express your true love for your boyfriend? We are giving you an example of a love letter written by a girlfriend to her boyfriend who lives far away to show him, true love.

Letter to Boyfriend Expressing Feelings of True Love

My dear,…., I hope you are good… I’m so happy reading your message, you open your heart and your feelings to me, I appreciate you. Right now, you are living so far away from me but I know in my heart that we know when it will be possible for us to meet each other face to face because it will help us to have some discussions about our future and decide how to live the future life. All that I need from you is good understanding because it is very important in a good relationship… I want you to know that if we get to be with each other in the future I will love you from the deepest part of my heart, My feelings for you are so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in life. It is an acceptable truth that Allah always gives us what we need, I believe we have more things to achieve together in the future…

My dear, I want to let you know that our relationship is what I wanted to thank you for, but I couldn’t explain what it means to have you and to share life’s joys. It’s good to know that our relationship is one of endless devotion, forged out of respect and very kind emotion. I can’t tell you how much our relationship means to me, thank you for being a precious man to me and lifting my spirits with a quick response, I adore you with all my heart. I have cherished and adored all messages that we have shared together, I am amazed, trust is all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty, and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill our heart’s desire and I pray that this great feeling towards us will come true very soon my dear.

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Letter to Express True Love to Your Boyfriend

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