Love Letter to Tell Your Friend that You Are Missing Him/Her

Want to inform your friend that you are missing him/her? We are giving you a real example love letter to inform your friend that you are busy but missing him/her so much. If you want us to write a new love letter for you just let us know in the comments.

Letter to Inform Your Friend That You are Missing

Assalamualaikum… My dear, you have to understand that my work makes me so busy over here until the time of my vacation, but though I’m busy over here but I can’t stop thinking about you, I think I have started missing you sometimes in my feelings, I just wish we are in the same country and the same city right now so that we can eat dinner together, I feel It will be a great happiness eating together with you. I also want you to understand that the reason why I’m always a bit late to reply to you, actually is not that I’m busy all through the 24 hours of the day, but because of the stress of the day, so I hardly open my mobile phone these days, please try to understand the situation at this time, But one thing is assured that I must reply you whenever I read your email to be OK…
Have a nice day over there my dear. I hope to hear from you when you reply.

Love Letter to Tell Your Friend that You Are Missing

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