Marriage Leave Extension Letter to Office/Manager or Company

Want to apply for a leave extension? Sample request application letter for extension in marriage leave from office, company, factory, school, college, or University.

Application for Extension of Leave for Marriage Leaves

Dear Sir,

I want to request a marriage leave extension from (date to date). I already spent granted holidays but due to some urgent purposes, I need five more leaves. Looking for your consent. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Marriage Leave Extension Letter for Office

The Manager Finance,

Dear Manager,

I hope you are fine. I am Ishfaq Khan, an employee in the finance division. I am working here for the last 5 years. By the grace of God, my marriage ceremony had completed last Sunday. Hundreds of guests have joined the ceremony. It is really a pleasant experience of being a married person.

To have a pleasant & better understanding with my life partner, I have planned to visit northern areas. However, I may not have the chance to go after some time. So I request you to please extend my leaves for 3 more days. I will join my office inshallah on the 20th of this month instead of the 17th.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishfaq Khan

Leave Extension Letter Due to Marriage

The CEO,

ABD Company

Subject: Extension in matrimonial leave

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I had been on a fortnight leave for my marriage ceremony and was supposed to report at work on (Date). But, due to the assassination of the political leader of our locality, chaos has spread, and leaving home with my newlywed wife is not safe. I, therefore, request you to kindly grant me leave for two more days (Date) so that the anger here in people can vent out and traveling can become safe. I’ll be much obliged to you.


Sagar Qureshi.

Media Manager

Extension to Marriage Leave

The Managing Director,

Ali Institute

Subject: Request for 15 days extension in leave

Dear Sir,

Thank you for attending my wedding. I am truly honored. You have been very kind to me in assigning me matrimonial leave earlier. As I am the last born of my family, my siblings and their families have especially come from abroad to relish this happy family event thoroughly. We have planned to visit Murree, Nathiagali, Bhurban, and surrounding areas for a family excursion.

I really want to enjoy this time with my entire family making beautiful memories for life. Therefore, I request you to please extend my leave for 15 days (Date). I shall remain grateful to you for this favor.


Ali Raza.

Resource Manager

Marriage Leave Extension Letter

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

As you know, I previously sent my application to you for three leaves for my marriage. However, I have been told by my family members about some rituals and customs of marriage, which will take seven days to be fulfilled. Although I am not a staunch supporter of all such marriage rituals and customs, it is hard for me to convince my own family and my wife’s family members to postpone or miss some rituals. Therefore, I shall be very grateful to you for this extension of four more days, or in total seven days.

I look forward to you adding more joy to my marriage by extending my leaves.

Best Regards,

Marriage Leave Extension Letter

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