Leave Application Due to Surgery

Sample leave application letter for office due to surgery of yourself, your father, mother, uncle, son, daughter, brother or sister in the hospital.

Medical Leave Due to Surgery for One Week

The Managing Director,
Telecom Company.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I have a surgery early morning tomorrow as per the doctor’s advice. I have been having severe pain in abdomen last week. I had sleep issues and felt nauseated most of the time. The laboratory tests showed that I have appendicitis. Doctors have said that the only treatment for this is surgical removal of the appendix and so the appointment has been set for tomorrow morning. I request you to kindly sanction me leave for one week i.e. from 18th August, 2015 to 25th August, 2015 so that I can recover my health speedily. Thank you.


Umar Shahzad.

Leave Application Due to Surgery for Employee

Dear sir,

I am Maleeha Khan writing to inform you that I will remain on leave for five days due to surgery of my nose. I have issues with my nose and now it has become difficult for me to breathing with nose and it is also turning my nose toward right side. A bone inside the nose is growing out of order and causing a very serious blockage for breathening. Tomorrow I have appointment with doctor and if the doctor operates and started my surgery then I will stay in hospital.

I request you to please approve my medical leave for five days and I will inform at my earliest in case of any delay in surgery or extension in leaves.

Sincerely yours,

Maleeha Khan

Leave Letter Due to Surgery

The Director HR,
Qarsaii foods Pvt. Ltd

Respected Sir,
It is stated that me Qaiser Tariq have been working in this organization for the last 10 years. During this time, I have tried my level best to put the best contribution from my side for the development of the company.
I have been facing hearing disease for last 2 years. In-spite of several treatments and checkups, I am unable to control on this disease. As my ear drum is damaged and I feel problem in hearing someone. Therefore the doctor has advised me to have a surgery of my ear in order to make hearing sense better.
I request you to please grant me leave for 10 days so that I complete my treatment and make myself a better listener. I will be thankful to you for your favor on this matter.

Qaiser Tariq

Leave Application Due to Surgery
Leave Application Due to Surgery

Leave Application Due to Surgery

Manager HR,
Company Name,
Location Address,

Dear Sir / Madam.

It is a matter of fact that I was suffering from appendicitis from last four months. Sign and symptoms were not good; things were getting worst day by day. Yesterday I went home from office and started feeling pain blow my ribs. I drove to hospital and doctor was of the opinion that now it could only be curable by surgery. I was operated right after an hour.

It looks normal now but after effects of surgery would remain there for about a week. I am advised to take bed rest and not to walk. Keeping all my condition seriously please allow me leave of a week. I’ll do all my duties next week. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Steve

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