Application Request for Staff Recruitment or to Appoint New Staff

As a health practitioner, application for an assistant and cleaner.

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Request letter for Staff Recruitment

Respected HR,

As a health practitioner, I must keep my surroundings clean and healthy. So it is essential to have a staff who can manage this obligation. So I request you to provide me with an assistant to handle the fortes and a cleaner to keep the surroundings clear and clean.

Thank You.

( Your Name, Designation, District)

Request Letter for Appointing New Staff

Honorable HR,

it is respectfully requested to you that our office is short-handed with the staff and we felt difficulty in achieving our targets. I courteously appeal to you to provide us with at least three staff members so that we might fulfill this deficiency of slow working process. I will be honoring you in this regard.

Thank You,

(Your Name, Designation, District)

Request Letter for Additional Staff

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that our department has a bundle of work. I have two assistants as helpers, but the workload is gradually increasing daily. I request you to provide me with two more staff members so that the workload will be utilized and work can be done nicely and on time. We might be able to expedite the work and fulfill the targets and get ready for new achievements. I will be grateful for your cooperation.

Thank You,

(Your Name, Designation)

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