Request for Repair of Equipment in Office

Format of request letter to repair office equipment which has not been looked after in a very long time, and now are in sheer need of attention.

Request for Repair of Equipment in Office

To: Mr. Oswald
H&W Accounting Inc.
Houston, Texas, United States

Dear Mr. Oswald,

I have been an employee at H&W Accounting for over 2 years, and I find it to be a very pleasant working environment.

However, I have found that the equipment in the office is in constant disrepair, and nothing has been repaired for a significant period of time. This includes issues with the printer, the chairs, the air conditioner, and the ceiling fans.

I politely, and respectfully ask that the equipment in the office be repaired. To prevent irregularities in the future, the equipment should be inspected regularly.

Anthony Lee
Houston, Texas, United States

Request Letter for Printer Repair

Respected Manager,

I wrote this letter to you to request for the repairing of the printer present in the IT Room. It has not been working properly, and whenever a print is sent, blank white papers come out.

First, I thought it was due to the finished printer ink but even after changing it, the printer gives out blank paper. It is really inconvenient for the employees in IT Department as for printing every document they have to go to the PR department, and in the process a lot of time is wasted.

I request you to approve my application so I can place an order for the printer’s repairing. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

In-charge IT Department


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