Application for Return of Original Documents from Bank, Home Office, Passport Office, etc

Sample Letter to Request the return of your documents, visa documents, certificates, degrees from the home office, passport office, embassy, home department, govt office, Bank, school, college, or university, etc.

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Short Email to Request the Return of Original Documents Submitted for Verification etc

Dear Sir,

I request you to return my original documents submitted for (mention the purpose like verification etc.). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Short Application Requesting Return of Original Documents

Dear Sir,

I (Your Name) request you to please provide my original documents submitted earlier for verification. I need them back. I hope you oblige my request.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Email Requesting Original Documents to be Returned

Dear Sir,

I want my original documents for (visa purposes you can write any other purpose). Therefore, I request you to please return all of the documents immediately I submitted earlier for (mention the purpose). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Embassy for Return of Original Documents

Dear Sir

I submitted my documents, including ( mentions the documents separated by comma) for visa purposes. Please return my documents now as I am in need of them. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name /Application Reference

Application to Request for Return of Degrees after Verification

Dear Sir,

You have all my credentials for verification. It’s been a long time since I hope you have confirmed, and now I ask you to please return my credentials to me. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Email to Employer/Company for Return of Original Documents

Dear HR Manager,

During the last month, I submitted my educational documents for verification purposes. I hope the verification has been done so far. So I request you to please return the original documents asap. I will be thankful to you.


Your Name

Request Letter to Return Original Documents from School

The Principal

Subject: Application for Returning of Original Birth Certificate

Dear Mr. Robert

I want to state that I have been qualified for the district soccer team with due respect, but my coach has directed me to bring my original birth certificate to register my name in the competition. Sir, I submitted my birth certificate to school authorities when I had got admission to this school.

I request you kindly return my original birth certificate for registration in the district soccer team and play the competition. Please return it before (Date).

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.


(Your Name)

Application Requesting Return of Original Documents from School

I am a student. I want to write an application to the principal to give back my original birth certificate. Please give me the total format along with the body of the application.

The Principle,
XYZ college.

Subject: Request for Original Date of Birth and Character Certificate.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully submitted that I was a student of in your college during the session (Date)-(Date). I graduated last week and need my original birth certificate and a character certificate to apply to Mcom. Kindly provide me with the requested documents so I can proceed with my admission application.

Yours respectfully,

Your Name

Give Back my Original Documents from School

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I beg to say that I have submitted my original birth certificate and my other documents at the time of admission. Therefore, I request you to return the original copy urgently as I need it for passport purposes. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

John Michael,
8th B

Letter for Return of Original Documents from College

Mr. Wilshere Atkins
Oak Side High
Houston, Texas, USA.

Sir, I (Your Name), was a student of A’ level of 2nd Batch at your college. I have enjoyed my stay at this remarkable institution. I request for return of my original documents (submitted earlier for verification purposes) back for my next admission. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

Application for Requesting Original Documents from College

Dear School Principal,

I am writing to you because I would like to request my original documents. I have recently been accepted into a new college, and they are requesting that I give them my original documents from your college. I need the document for the 12th of next month. I hope this is okay for you. This new college is the perfect opportunity to learn the right skills and knowledge, and experience that I need. I hope that you understand and give the relevant documents. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Email Application Requesting for Return of Original Documents

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  1. write an application to school principal for requesting my original documents after 12 . I was taken new admission in collage

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