Complaint Letter for Poor Sanitation

Following Letter can be used by residents of localities where the municipality has an ignorant attitude towards necessary living conditions of the area

Complaint Letter For Insanitary Condition


The administrator, Alliance School system

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is to inform you that the taps and flush system of our newly constructed washrooms are not working properly, and because of this there is no proper sanitation system over there. It is highly unhygienic for students, and it also affects the image of our institute. Kindly replace the taps with the new ones, and also sent the plumber as soon as possible. This work should be done by the weekend. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. James Wrath,

Building in charge

Complain letter to society for cleanliness

On behalf of all the members of this society, I am writing this letter to you to register a complaint about the poor cleaning operation of this society.

Sir, we are facing the issue of bad cleaning for the last few months. The residents of this society have already complained about this issue many times. The Cleaning, and Waste management committee is performing so badly. Due to their negligence, the streets of our society are becoming filthy. The garbage collectors visit our streets once a week. Their behavior with the society members is also not encouraging. The streets are packed with heaps of garbage, and there is no one to clean all this mess. Now, it is time to find a permanent solution of this problem.

This is a serious issue, and it demands immediate attention. The administrations of this society must expel all those workers who are insincere towards their job. Moreover, society needs more cleaners, and sweepers because the population of this society has increased considerably over the last few months.

It is requested to you to pay attention to this grave issue.

Kindly take immediate note of our complaint.

Thank You

Complaint Letter to Society for Cleanliness

To: Management of Co-operative Housing Society

I am writing this letter as a complaint in regard to the cleanliness of the housing society. The streets are littered with trash, and none of the society workers are here to clean up the streets.  There is also no proper garbage disposal in the area.

This has detrimental effects not just aesthetically, but also on health. It is no new fact that littered garbage carries disease, and can attract unwanted pests.

If this unprofessional, and unclean practice continues, I fear that in time this housing society will end up like a waste dump.

I politely request that Society issue proper waste management services and make waste disposal more accessible in order to prevent littering.


Jessica Peterson

Letter of Complaint about Garbage Disposal

 To the Environmental Authority of Punjab,

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Wapda Town, and my house is near gol chakkar. The area is quite populated, and a very lively place as a hospital is also located here along with local primary schools, and markets. Anyway, the purpose of writing of this letter to you is to file a complaint about garbage disposal near the above-mentioned location.

The garbage from the society, hospital, and market is all dumped in an abandoned park which is exactly in the center of all the locations. In the beginning, no one paid attention to this issue, as it did not seem to be a major one, however with time, this whole situation is just escalating. The garbage has not only started to distort the cleanliness of the area but is also causing health problems, and the odor is just unbearable.  There are not many flies, and insects which roam on it, and cause serious health diseases. There are small children who study at school, people who come for their treatment at the hospital, and let’s not forget about the civilians.

All of us are being affected by this situation. If this issue is not addressed immediately, it will only start to cause bigger problems. I request you to kindly address these issues immediately as all of us are really disturbed by it. You can contact me for further details. I would be very thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Haider

Address_______        Contact______

A complaint letter to society for cleanliness

Dear Sir,

With all due respect Sir, I am writing this letter to inform you about the cleanliness of our society.  The condition of our society is deteriorating day by day, and now it is unrecognizable.  This has been happening for a month, or so, and no such action is being taken.

There is garbage everywhere from plastic wrappers to soda tins. The janitor does not come anymore to sweep the floors or pick up the garbage. Instead many households just leave their trash on the streets, or outside their lawns. It is such a displeasing site. The gutters outside are not being maintained either, and the water is now flowing on the streets. Children that play in the streets in the evening are not able to come out anymore because of the smell, and germs outside. Trash is just scattered around our street, and a lot of it is now rotten.  It is difficult to cross the streets when we go out since unclean water is flowing, and bags of garbage are thrown here, and there.

I hope this letter will bring to your notice the condition of our society, and certain measures will be taken to improve its cleanliness, and hygiene of it.

Best Regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)

Request letter for the drainage system in our area

To the Mayor

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter with a humble request to please construct a proper drainage system in our area.  Due to the heavy rainfall in the past few days, the water level has risen immensely on the streets, and it is impossible to walk on them. Even cars, and motorbikes are not able to cross the streets since the water makes it difficult to do so. The water has been standing for about three days which is extremely unhygienic, and dangerous since mosquitoes could spread dengue through this medium. There is trash floating around in the water, and the pungent smell makes it impossible to breathe. It is requested to please plan, and construct a proper drainage system so that during the Monsoon period the residents do not have to suffer.

I hope you will acknowledge our situation, and resolve the matter as soon as possible. For further details, you may contact the number provided below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

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