Formal Letter of Request to Borrow Equipment

Sample letter to request for borrowing equipment form other companies, government department, supplier, producer, seller etc.

Request Letter to Borrow Equipment

Dear Sir,

I’m very thankful to you for that last time when  you  gave me some of those utensils I need at the time of meeting in my department at last moment, I can’t forget that you helped me. I want another favor please can I borrow some of more utensils as I’ll definitely return them as early as I could; it’ll be a huge favor.


Ali Khan

Letter of Request to Borrow Equipment

The Contractor,

Dear Mr.XYZ,

I am writing this letter to ask you about your health, and to ask you of a favor as well.  As you know that the whole building project of “Hyper Malls” in under my contract, I have been working on it for quite some time now. The building is almost ready but the finishing still remains. Now coming to the favor I am to ask you of is that I want you to lend me some of your finishing equipment.

As I have never been handed over a project this big ever, I haven’t ever purchased the right equipment. But, this building requires all of that high end machinery that I don’t possess. I have requested the shipment officers to kindly make my shipments earlier because my work here is stuck, until then I request you to kindly lend me your finishing equipment until my building is finished, and you shall have them back  the day I am finished with the building.

Thanking you,

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