Letter for Load Test of Bridge Pretested Girder

Want to write a request for a load test? We are providing you with sample letters and email templates to ask for a load test, 2nd load test, or a load test for customer satisfaction.

Here is the original query from our visitor for which these templates were created. “I’m working on a motorway project. Our one girder fell down on the ground, and the client rejected this girder. So we want to write the letter for load test of the girder.”

Request Letter for Applying the Load Test of Pretested Girder for Bridge.

Name of Manager

Manager Quality Control
Company Name

Dear Sir,

We have a girder previously tested for the under-construction bridge. But it fell on the following day when it was scheduled to install on the site. Now the client is keen on testing it again, so we need authorized permission.

Therefore I request you please approve its second load capacity test.


Your Name

Request Letter for Load Testing

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to request a load test of some items. The immediate load capacity test of the following items is required:

  1. Crane
  2. Backhoe
  3. Jacks
  4. Girders
  5. Pillers
  6. Poles

Although the items mentioned above are already tested. But there was a mishap where all the items fell down during an accident that happened yesterday.

The client also requires the quality assurance of all the above items for safety measures on the site. Therefore, I request the load test of the items mentioned above as early as possible.


Your Name

Site Engineer

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