Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip

Sample Format of general letter asking him/her to accompany you on a road trip so that you two can spend some quality time together and make some great memories to cherish for life.

Invitation Letter To Friend

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing great in health; I am good too. I am writing this letter to you so that I can invite you on the trip. Our university is arranging a trip to the Waterfalls. It is going to be a one-day trip only. So I want you to come with me, as you know I never go outside the station on any trip without you, so I want you to accompany me on my trip. I assure you, you will enjoy it as my university fellows are friendly people, and do not worry about Mrs. Paul ( Michael’s mother). I will ask for permission from her.

I hope you will come.

Thanks and Regards,

John Jackie

Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip

Dear Friend,

I am doing well here and hope you will also be in good health.

As you know, the summer vacations are just around the corner, and it is the time to do what we had decided long ago. Our plan to go on a road trip was already postponed last year due to your busy schedule, but we are fully ambitious to execute our plan this year. So, we all have mutually decided to go to the northern hilly areas for a one-week road trip. This is going to be so much fun.

The plan is all set, and we are just waiting for your affirmation. We have never gotten together for any vacations since our graduation. So please do not spoil our plan this year.

The final date is not decided yet. We do not know about your holiday schedules. Kindly reply to this letter with the dates most suitable for you.

We are desperately waiting for your reply.


Your Name,

Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well. I am fine too. I am sorry I did not write you a letter for three months but you know that I had my CIE Exams, and I was so busy with my studies that I could not take time for anything else. All my exams went well, and I hope for a good result too.

Anyway, as I am done with my A level, and there are four months left in my university classes, I am planning to go on a road trip to the northern areas along with my other friend, Hajra. I am writing this letter to extend my invitation to you. We have not even met once since you moved to another city, and there is a lot of catching up to do. You are also free from your school, and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to spend some time away from the tiring and stressful life. I have attached a chart which contains the whole plan and stops of our trip. Furthermore, as Boston is en route, I will pick you up from your place. I will not take no for an answer, so you better start packing.

I will write you another letter within a week to confirm our departure date. Give my greetings to your parents, and lots of love to the new pet. I am also looking forward to meeting you when I come to pick you up.

With love,

Fatima Aamir


Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip

To: Rebecca Robinson
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

I hope you are doing well, Rebecca. It’s been quite a long time since I, or any of the other girls, have seen you!

We’re planning a road trip to the Rocky Mountains this summer. We’ll visit Jasper, Banff, and other beautiful areas. It’s going to be absolutely awesome.
We would all love for you to join us! We had a blast together last time, and I know it’ll be just as fun this time. If you think we should visit any other places just let me know.

We’re looking forward to your reply Rebecca.

Lots of love,
Lisa, Tiffany, Jessica, and Maya

Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip

Dear Faisal,

I hope you are doing well. What are you up to these days? It has been quite a long since we met, and since our summer vacations have just started, I have planned a small road trip. Following Monday, I will leave Lahore and catch up with you in Islamabad. After staying there for one night, we will continue with our tour, and our first stop will be Murree. After that, we will journey towards Naran, Chitral, and Kashmir. We will also be visiting the Khunjerab Pass and many more exciting places. I know you are a huge fan of nature so that this fun-filled trip will give you a massive dose of the outdoors. You do not have to worry about anything since I have planned accommodation, meals, and transportation.

I hope you will soon reply to my letter, and join me on this trip.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip



Dear (Name),

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am also fine here. Just today, I got to know about your holidays after your final exams. I feel so happy and excited to tell you that my college friend and I are planning a road trip to Murree. Winters are almost here, and as you already know that I love snow falling. I have been busy with arrangements for a couple of weeks. Our date of departure is exact after three days. Please come and join us. This trip will surely be one of the best trips of our life. The areas on our checklist include Lok-Virsa Islamabad, Monal Islamabad, Faisal Mosque Islamabad, Murree Mall, Nathia Gali, and Khanaspur. I have seen pictures of these places on Google. These places are beautiful beyond our imagination. We have booked our rooms in advance in these areas to avoid any inconvenience. Our trip will be for five days, and I assure you that we will enjoy ourselves at our bests. I hope that you will come to join us on this trip. Kindly reply to this letter to confirm your timings of arrival, if you are willing to go with us. I will wait for your positive response.

Convey me heartily greetings to all at home.

Yours sincerely,


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