Request to Remove The Penalty to the Authorities

Request to Remove the Penalty of deduction, underage, and providing books to the students in school or company. Simple applications to request the waiving penalties imposed on you or your company.

Request to Waive the Penalty Letter By Employees/Students/Teachers

Galaxy Town,
The District Emergency Officer,
London Fire Service


Dear Sir,

With reference to your letter bearing the subject “Imposition of Penalty” regarding my offense of being absent from duty on 10th of this month.
It is submitted that I was suffering from fever that’s why I couldn’t attend the office. I had also informed my immediate senior about my severe health condition of myself.

Anyhow, I have realized my mistake of not letting you inform about my absence, and assure you that I would try my best to avoid this negligence in the future.

It is therefore requested to you that imposed penalty may please be canceled, and I may be given one chance to bring improvement in my working.
I am looking for a favorable response in this regard.

Anton Chekhov

Request to Please Waive Off the Penalty by Supplier

Dear Sir/Madam,

A penalty has been imposed on us for not providing books to the trainees. AH Foundation is an approved training service provider by IEIIA, and the curriculum of all the trades is also certified by them.

Sir, all the trainees at AH Foundation, are special, and many of them can’t read and write. Also, there are not any decided books, or notes in the decided curriculum (Copy of curriculum is attached). I request you to please remove the penalty and reimburse the amount of 5,000- which has been deducted as a penalty from our payment of (date).

Looking forward to your kind cooperation

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

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