Sample Letter By Parents To Principal Demanding Free Education

Format of sample letter to principal by parents of students demanding fee waiver for deserving students as the fees is getting really high making it impossible for these children to get quality education.

Sample Letter Application For Tuition Fee Waiver Of Deserving Students


The principal, Learning circle School

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that I am a widow, and I have 4 children. I am facing financial crises. We are living at grass root level. I want my kids to study, and to become something, and stand firmly in the society, and for that the basic unit is good education. I am not in a position to afford the tuition fee of my son, and for that I would like to request you to grant him free education. He is an intelligent boy, and wants to study. He always gets good grades, he deserve to study higher. Please cooperate with us. We all shall be thankful to you.

I am looking forward to your response.


Mrs. James Brad

Sample Letter by Parents to Principal Demanding Free Education

Respected Principal,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter on behalf of all the parents to demand for free education.

Education is not a privilege but a basic right, and everyone has a right to free, and good quality education. A lot of parents sacrifice a lot to make sure their child gets a fine education. I know of many cases in which parents sell their assets so they can fund their child’s education which is not an easy task. The heavy tuition fee of schools puts an intense burden on the parent’s shoulders which needs to be lifted. Along with the heavy tuition fee, parents have to pay for books, supplies, and other expenses as well which is troublesome. It is our request to look into this issue, and inculcate free education within your system.

I hope you will recognize our situation, and fulfill our demand.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Letter by Parents to Principal Requesting Free Education

Request for free education,

Name of the Institution.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Your institute is one of the prestigious institutes in the city, my daughter is studying in your institution from past seven years, and she is currently in grade Six. She is a very active student both in studies as well as extra-circular activities. From her 3rd grade she has been constantly scoring position in her class.

My daughter is very keen to learn, and she is very excited to start her new session but unfortunately we are not able to tell her that she might have to leave her school, it will break her heart as well as her hopes to work hard. As she has always been a pride for her teachers, and her school I want to make a plea to reduce her fee, and award her with a full scholarship. She is an outstanding student of her class, and I assure you that she will maintain her position, and prove herself worthy for free education. We want her to continue her studies in this institute but due to our financial crises I am forced to write this application in a hope that my request will be entertained.

Anxiously waiting for positive response, we shall be very grateful to you.


Name of Parent.

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