Request Letter To Ask For Advance Salary

Format of request advance salary due to some personal problems e.g payment of rent of house, bills, medical bills, wedding etc. Request Letter To Ask For Advance Salary  Dear Manager, I wrote this application to request you for getting my salary of this month in advance. I am aware that according to the company’s policy, … Continue reading “Request Letter To Ask For Advance Salary”

Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction

Sample Format Of Notification To give employees Before Salary Deduction Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease To, Mr. Eric Willson, HR department, Nestle Respected sir, It is to inform you that due to the current financial issue the salaries for this month will be given with the deduction of 20%. We expect all our … Continue reading “Notice For Employees Of Salary Deduction”

Promotion Letter without Salary Increase

Sample promotion letter without salary increase. Promotion letter from employer to employee. Sample letter of promotion current employee. Promotion Letter without Salary Increament Dear Miss. Rosa Lee I am writing to you because I would like to discuss your recent application for a promotion. You have been working with us for quite some time, and last month one of our … Continue reading “Promotion Letter without Salary Increase”

Apology Letter to Employees for Salary Delay

Apology letter to employees after the delay of salary payments by the finance manager, accounts manager, accounts director, and accounts officer, or HR manager, and officer etc. Sample letter, and email format for employees informing them about delay in payment of salary because of certain reasons. Apology Letter for Salary Delay Dear employees, I am writing … Continue reading “Apology Letter to Employees for Salary Delay”

Complaint Letter for Salary Deduction

A sample complaint letter to accounts manager to ask about salary deduction of two days due to one absence. Why my salary is deducted letter. Letter to Ask for Justification of Salary Deductions (regular deductions) Dear Sir, I would like to bring to your knowledge that the Accounts Office makes unnecessary deductions from my salary every … Continue reading “Complaint Letter for Salary Deduction”

What Is Salary Slip, and Terms Used in Salary Slips

Salary Slip is a documentary proof of paying, and receiving salary. Salary Slip can be use as proof of Tax paying, and getting loan from banks, and other institutions. Various other organizations also ask for salary slip as proof of your salary on previous job. Salary Slip is known with various other name in different … Continue reading “What Is Salary Slip, and Terms Used in Salary Slips”

Application for Reactivation of Salary

Samples of application letter for reactivation of salary. My salary has stopped coming for the past two months. Application for Reactivation of Salary The District Officer, Malaysian Fire Department. Dear Sir, It is submitted that I am working as fire rescuer under your supervision. I have availed three months leaves without pay due to exams … Continue reading “Application for Reactivation of Salary”

Request Letter for Final Payment of Pending Salary

Sample letter requesting a pending salary of previous months from the employer. We tried to cover due, payable, not discharged, past due, overdue, delinquent, unsettled, unliquidated, outstanding salary problems for employees, teachers, etc. Requesting for Payment of Pending Monthly Salary Dear Sir, My salary has not been paid for two months (mention the months or weeks here). … Continue reading “Request Letter for Final Payment of Pending Salary”

Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues/Problem

Sample Resign Letter due to salary problems like poor and insufficient salary package from the Employer or company. People resign for salary issues like low salary, salary deductions, pending salary, decreased salary, salary not being paid regularly, or salary delays. We provided multiple letters and applications to resign due to salary problems, but please let … Continue reading “Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues/Problem”

Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha

Sample application for advance salary from office, or school to purchase animal for sacrifice on Eid ul Adha. This application letter also known as Salary for Qurbani, or Advance Salary for Purchase of Bakra, Bail etc. Advance Salary for Eid (Date) The Managing Director, Media Company Lahore Subject: Request for advance salary for buying animal … Continue reading “Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha”

Application for Not Cutting Salary

Sample letter application to request to avoid deduction from my salary because of my absents. Request letter to consider my absents as informed leaves. Request Letter for No Deduction from Salary Respected sir With due respect it is stated that I am the worker of your company from last few months. Sir you are going … Continue reading “Application for Not Cutting Salary”

How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances

How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances for newly hired office staff. Qualification Based Salary:  You can fix the salary based on Professional Qualification. Most of the companies also have grading systems. They specify the grading based on qualification. For example, for graduation, they have 12th Grade, and 14 for Master Qualifications. And they offer a … Continue reading “How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances”