Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Sample application for installments of Income Tax from your salary to the company director or manager.

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Application for Payment by Installments

DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Accounts department wants to deduct Rs. 40,000/- from my salary in (Date). We request you to please deduct only Rs. 5000/- from my Salary every month. At this time, I am in urgent need of money due to some domestic emergency and facing financial challenges. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager Resource Development

Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Public Relation Manager,
American Bank,
New York.

Dear Sir,

I request that the annual income tax due on me is worth $1500, which is payable till Oct, 30th but I am unable to pay the entire tax amount at once. My salary account is in your bank, and my account number is ————. You are requested to make installments of this tax and deduct them from my salary. I shall be grateful to you for this favor. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

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