Complaint Letter Against Teacher

Want to write a complaint about a teacher? Sample application letters to complaint against the teacher, lecturer, professor in school, college, university, hostel warden, available below:

Complaint Letter about School Teacher

Dear Principal,

We are writing to bring it to your notice that our English Teacher (name of teacher) is not good in teaching and fragile in English Grammar. Shortly he/she can’t even read the English book, the rest of the things like grammar, tenses, writing, spelling are beyond his/her scope.

We humbly request you to please change the teacher immediately. Previously we informed you verbally, and the teacher was also acknowledged with our complaint, but he/she totally failed to improve. Some of the class students can teach better than the teacher. This is the fact. Please take the necessary action because we are in short of time for our final exams. Looking for your cooperation.


Students of Class( signatures)

Complaint Letter Against School Teacher

Mr. Laurent Martins

Principal Oak High

Illinois, USA.

Sir, I am Jason Atkins, and I am a student of 8th grade at your school. I have been studying here for the last 3 years, and I am delighted with almost everything. Recently, hearing the news about Mr. Harrison’s sickness was really saddening. However, the substitute teacher brought in has been a complete disaster. Instead of teaching us, he sits in class and later gives us a huge load of homework, making it harder for us to study for other subjects. When we complain, he shouts at us and threatens to give us low grades on purpose. Kindly change the substitute teacher before it gets unbearable. I hope you will take strict action on this matter very soon.

Jason Atkins

8th Grade

Complain Letter against College Professor

The City High School

Dear Chancellor,

I am a student of your school for the past 4 years, and I am also the head of the student voice body. My name is William, and my roll number is #12345. I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that you recently hired a new professor of mathematics. Sir, he is very good at mathematics, but his behavior with students is not good. He is very abusive as well as he beats students at times. Sir, we are outstanding students. We do not make such mistakes, or we do not disturb the decorum of the class to such an extent that we need beating. However, he recently punished a student so hard that he started bleeding. Therefore, I am hereby, on behalf of the student council and my classmates, requesting you to take immediate measures to change the professor’s behavior. It is getting complicated for us to bear all this.

I hope you will take immediate action, as the reputation of your school is at stake. The signatures of the whole of the class are attached with the application.

Roll Number#12345


Letter for Teacher Change Request

The Dean,

Binny College of Music and Art,

Dear Sir,

I hope that you are reading this in good health.  I, Nouman Zaib, an International Student of the first semester at Binny College of Music, and Art, am experiencing study abroad for the first time in my life. The college seems to be one of the best in the country for its high rank. The faculty, especially the Fine Arts department, is well renowned. However, apart from all the greater facilities available at the college, one flaw needs to be remedied.

However, I felt the lack of control inside the classroom by the teachers. To be more precise, our music class needs discipline that is not found due to no control of the newly hired teacher, hence spoiling the college’s reputation and the department. There seems to be more critical for nothing than learning music. Therefore, it is requested you to kindly throw some light on the problems for the betterment of the students.

Thanking in anticipation.

Kind Regards,


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