Sample Letter to Contractor to Start Work


Following letters can be used to complain to contractors if the work is being delayed. When a project is resumed, and the company needs to inform the contractors then this is the template for you.

Complaint Letter to Contractor To Start Work Immediately


Mr. Alex Foley, Empire constructions

Respected sir,

We are writing this letter to make a reminder regarding our project. As per your demand we have paid 50% of the amount in advance, and you were supposed to start the construction of our new building in at the start of t. is month.  Now 2 weeks are passed but you have not started the work. You are supposed to finish the project by the end of November as per the contract. Kindly start working on the project as soon as possible otherwise we will hire another construction company for our project. Thank you.


Mr. Sam John

Sample Letter to Contractor to Start Work


You are hereby informed that the company has decided to resume the construction work at our project which was indiscriminately stopped due to budget deficit. We need this project to be completed in six months. Kindly start the work again as soon as possible. The construction material along with the machinery has already reached the construction site.

Kindly reply.

Letter to Subcontractor for Work Delay


Sample letter for delay in project completion. Construction project delay letter. Letter to contractor for poor progress. Warning letter to contractor for project delay. Sample letter to contractor for unfinished work.

Letter to Subcontractor for Work Delay

Dear subcontractor,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of the work delays, and why we are having them. As you know there is an outbreak of the swine flu. Over half of my men have caught this sickness. Due to this I have had to delay till I have the correct amount of workers because the machinery, and for safety reasons I have to have minimum of 12 men on site, and I don’t have the right amount of back up men to cover the shifts for the sick men. I hope that you understand, and please forgive the delay but we will soon be back on course.

Kind regards,

Mr. Roland Joyce

Letter to Sub Contractor for Work Delay

The Subcontractor, Municipal Committee (Enter Location Here).

I am writing this letter to inform you that the project we started was to be completed by the end of this month, but due to certain things that include Daily rains, the protests, and some more have become the reason in delay of the completion of the work. The reasons made it impossible for labor to be on the work on time, and thus it delayed our work.
I hope that you will understand, and will extend our project deadline.


Proposal Letter for Catering Contract


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Proposal Letter for Catering Service

Dear the lake side café,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the proposal for a catering contract. I have a catering qualification NVQ level 3. I like to work with food make things that no one even thinks of that makes me unique. I saw that your cafe business is new, and just starting, and that is why I would like to work here because no one knows what you are capable of. Think about all the nice food I could make, and you could have big profit. I hope that you will consider me for a catering contract. I look forward to hearing back your reply.

Kind regards,

Miss Heather Mills

Contractor looking for contract

The management team, John n John brothers, LA

Respected sir,

With all respect I am writing this letter to inform you that I have started a catering business which is running successfully, I have seen your ad that your company need a contractor who can provide food for mess on daily basis. Sir I have a good reputation in the market, and I am interested in your company, I want you to give me a chance to let your employee mesmerize by the amazing food provided by my company. If you are interested than I can send you some sample dishes. Thanks.


Alex food company, LA

Breach of Contract Complaint Sample


Sample complaint letter to contractor for breach of contract on the site, building, rented place due to misuse of property, poor services, project time, safety issues etc.

Breach of Contract Complaint Letter

Mr. Faheem Ansari,
CEO, Group of Companies,


I’m writing this to bring into your notice an incident which took place today at our West wing project being managed by your engineering team since last 6 months.

It was in the afternoon when a fire alarm was activated, and it remained active until the residents of the tower evacuated the building considering it a real fire alert although it was activated due to the humidity in the environment.

After the evacuation, our security team reached at the site, and silenced the alarm manually from the control panel However; all the residents were disturbed due to the panic situation, and irresponsible building management.

As per the agreement your team was supposed to be on site 24/7 to respond to any such situations but at the incident time no one from your team was available on site, and they came later after more than three hours which is a clear breach of the agreement, and the issue has been escalated to the top management.

Hence, you are requested to appear in the meeting tomorrow at 09:00AM at our head office with your operational manager to discuss further on this.


Regional Manager

Breach of Contract Complaint

The Police Inspector,

I beg to say that almost an year ago I had the upper floor of my house up for rent, a group of men came for it, and became my tenants. I had signed a contract of one year with them that clearly stated that after one year they will have to evacuate my house as my family would move back in. Now that a year, and a half has passed, the tenants still haven’t moved out, and upon asking them nicely to move out, I was pushed, and beaten simply depicting show of power.

Kindly take strict action against them as they are breaching our contract, and have put their hands on me. I am attaching the original contract copy along with this letter to help you investigate further on the situation.

With sincere thanks, and high hopes,

Letter for Termination of a Contract


Sample letter for termination of contract for breach of services, poor work progress, poor quality of work, dispute of employees etc.

Letter for Terminate the Contract with Vendor

Mr. Vicky

Vicky Constructions

UAE, Dubai

Dear Mr. Vicky

This is reference to our contract regarding the construction of an office building in Dubai. Unluckily, we did not get the services we agreed on, and your firm also delayed in providing building material which caused us high loss. We hired your company after reviewing its reputation, but unfortunately we did not get the desired results. We raised this issue before, and were assured by you that the delay won’t happen again. Since, you could not keep your promise so we want to terminate the contract with you. Kindly consider this letter an authentic documentation from our side, and clear the site as soon as possible so that we can send another contractor. I hope a quick response from you.

Best Regards,

Abdul Hassan

Letter for Ending a Contract


London, UK,

Respected Supplier,

I have written this letter to you in order to inform you that I end the contract in which we were parties today as I am not satisfied with the quality, and quantity of work you provide despite the handsome payment we made to you. I hope you improve your work in the future.



Letter for Termination of a Contract

Letter for Cancellation of a Contract


Mr. Theone Grey,

Head Management,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to officially terminate the contact between us. I have been working with you for two years, and everything was smooth. I have been facing trouble in getting the payments, and I wrote you a letter about three months ago that your company is following the contract on which we both agreed. The section 3rd of the contract clearly stated that the payments must be done within the 15days after delivering goods. You have failed for the last three months paying the money on time which caused me trouble. I can’t work under this kind of situation where your company is continuously violating the contract which has been mutually made by both of us. The section 10 clearly stated that if the company will violate any section of this contract for more than two months then the contractor has a right to terminate contract.

I have a good time with you working but with can’t work with you anymore. I hope we are crystal clear on this. The legal documentation has been attached with this letter even so if there is anything comes to your mind I am ready to discuss.

Thank You!


Barney Stinson,

Goods Contractor

Final Payment Letter to Contractor


Sample letter to contractor for informing him about making the final payment and settlements when finishing or ending the contract.

Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Dear Concern,

This letter informs you about the dispatch of your payment against the construction project you completed last month dated (Date) for this company. The transaction for the amount of 30,000 USD has been made to (payee name). Reference no for verification is 50CXDS. Kindly acknowledge us aback for the payment confirmation in reply to this official letter.

Thanks, and Best Regards

Finance Manager

Final Payment Email Letter to Vendor

Dear Mr. Brad,

This is to notify that I have paid the final amount as per the contract. So now all payments are cleared, and in the end, I want to thank you for your professional services and for completing this project timely. Looking at your services, I will surely recommend you to my friends whenever required. Good luck to you with your future projects.

Best Regards,

Bob Hopkins

Final Payment Letter to Contractor

Dear Mr. Adam Jarrah,

Sir, I am writing this letter with a joyful heart as I am delighted with your work in constructing my new house. I gave you the order to build my house exactly a year ago, and I’m surprised as well as amazed with the brilliant work you and your team have done in such a short time.

As per the contract, I have already made all the payments on time, and with this letter, I have transferred the final payment to your bank account. I wish to work with you in the future, and I wish you and your company great success. Thank you for the excellent services you have provided us.

Yours sincerely,

Robert William

Paid in Full Letter to Contractor

Mr. Jeff Peter,

Dear Sir,

I have been trying to reach you out but could not find you anyway. You are well aware of our contract which is about to end, but its last payment was due on us. I have consulted with our accountant, who has cleared your account with us. The final payment after calculating is what I have attached with this letter. A copy of the detailed payment history is also attached. If there will be any confusion even now, you are most welcome to reach me anytime.

It was a good experience working with you.



Request Letter for Full & Final Payment

The Managing Director,

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject cited above, it is submitted that our company has completed the assigned task of fixing tiles in the head office building. The concerned station in charge has also issued a satisfactory report of the finished work.

Therefore, you are requested to please process the bill of full payment at your earliest.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Full Payment to Contractor

Dear Sir,
As per our contract, a proportion supply of tiles has been delivered to the construction site. However, further delivery is delayed due to insufficient funds. Hence it is becoming hard for me to keep up the supply as required. Moreover, prices of tiles in the market also keep fluctuating; thus, the supply is interrupted. That is why I couldn’t pay enough to perform the task to our requirements.

This delay can affect the overall progress of the project. To overcome these obstacles, I need a full payment so I can finalize demanded supply according to the contract. I can pace up with the current progress of construction if payment is provided as a whole sum.

I appreciate your consideration.


Letter for Applying a Cleaning Contract


Sample application letter to get cleaning contract of commercial buildings, banks, apartments, and houses etc. Sample letter of expression of interest letter for cleaning contract to companies etc.

Cover Letter for Cleaning Contract

Mr. Ahmed

Jamal Sons Departmental Store, Lahore

Dear Sir

This is reference to your advertisement in ‘The Daily News’ about the project of cleaning on contract basis. I am an experienced contractor, and I have 10 years of experience in this regard. I have very hardworking, dedicated, and professional Cleaning staff. I assure you that I will provide best cleaning services, and my rates are also low compared to the rest of the market. Kindly consider my application so that I could provide you best cleaning services.

Best Regards

Huma ehsan

Cleaning Contractor

Best Cleaning Services

Proposal Letter for Cleaning Contract

The Managing Director,

Hyper-Star Shopping Mall,


Dear Sir,

Letter for Applying For a Cleaning Contract

We have been apprised of the fact that your shopping mall requires altogether cleaning on daily basis. For this purpose we apply for our services to be engaged for your shopping mall as our company is widely regarded as one of the best companies in the district that provide services of cleanliness.

We have a vision of keeping our clients fully satisfied with our work, and make everything clean following the principles of hygiene. We assure you of the best services that cover the areas of particularly removing of garbage from bins, washing of floors, and dusting from the offices.

It is pertinent to mention here that ensuring the cleanliness from respective counters is the responsibility of the stakeholders, and the company will not provide its services to them instead it will cover the entire building of the mall.

In this context, you are requested to provide us the opportunity to show our work, and services of cleanliness, and sign a contract in this regard.

Hope for your favorable response.

General Manager,

Glasgow Waste Management Company

Letter for Cleaning Contract of Office, Factory, Plaza, Building

Respected Manager,

I am John, and with all due respect it is stated that I have heard that the company which was handling your cleaning contract shifted to some other city, and your company is in search for a good company for your cleaning contract. Sir we have started a new company that handles, and manages the cleanliness of a particular area .We are very good at what we do, and I assure you that you will get completely satisfied with our services. You can also pay us a visit, and check our way of managing things, and also we can give you a proper walk through of what are the full services we will be giving you in our package. We are a new startup company, and we strive to do better .We do not compromise at our standard of work, and we are also willing to give you discount. I hope this all will make you pay us a visit, and work with us. I hope to hear a call from your company soon.

Anxiously waiting for a reply,


Letter for Cleaning Contract of Office, Factory, Plaza, Building

Application for Transport Contract


Sample letter to company for contract of transportation of goods/products/items as a transport company. I want a letter to apply to company to transport their goods. Am a transporter

Letter to Apply for Transport their Goods

The Management team, Nestle Pakistan

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have started a new business setup of transportation, I know it is hard to trust a new setup as compared to the market, but I assure you that you will be grateful to assign me your work. I have registered cars, and trucks. I will provide all the official details, looking forward for your response. Thanks.


Shah Transport PVT

Application Letter for Transport Contract


Sales Manager,
XYZ Manufacturers.

Subject: Application for Transport Contract.

Dear Sir,

From a reliable source I have come to know that you are looking for a transport company that can provide you a solution for all the transportation of all your consignments from factory to the franchises all over the Province.

I am running a company which is providing such solution from more than 20 years, and we are serving more than 200 companies in all over the Punjab.

I have carefully examined your needs, and thus prepared, and attached one fixed cost, and one volume of deliveries based proposal . You can happily compare our proposals with other companies in the market.

I am looking forward to meet you in person so we can discuss this business opportunity in detail.

Kind Regards,

CEO, and Founder
The Transport Co

Application for Transport Contract


The Administration department, Kinnaird College

Respected sir,

We have got to know through newspaper that your college needs a transport service for your female staff, and students.  Sir I would like to introduce my company to you, it’s a new startup, and we are giving best services. We have high quality buses with AC/ heater option, the seats are comfortable, and cozy. I request you to give us chance so we can provide our services according to your demand.


AM transporters

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Letter of Work Completion Sample for Clients


Sample letter to client to inform for complete of site work from company, constructor, contractor. Sample work completion letter from contractor to clients on finalizing the project with report, and payment settlements etc.

Contractor Letter of Work Completion

Managing Director,
Pakistan Housing Authority,

Subject: Completion of Work

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform that we have been able to complete the construction work at site (name of site) in the desired timeline. We signed the contract of construction works that has tenure of 4 years between the start, and completion date of the project. It has been a great achievement by us to complete the project on time as it was a mega project regarding the infrastructure works. We request you to have a project completion ceremony in your good office so that we depart our ways with a smile on our faces. We will be looking forward to work with you in the future projects.

The contract is expiring on 12th September (year). With the current pace of work it is anticipated that all the construction work, and left overs will be completed in a week, or two before the expiry date of the contract. It has been a great privilege working with you during all these years.

As stated above it is clear that the project will be over before the deadline. Since we submitted our last bill to your good office few days ago is still in progress. We would like you to please clear our previous pending payments left with you so that we can move further to our final settlement with you at the completion of the work.

We have submitted to you our invoices of the previous six months which are still to be paid by you to us. It was agreed that the payment will be received within a month after the submission of the invoices but it has been more than a month, and no action has been taken in this regard, and no payment has been made. We are requesting you that necessary action may be taken so that we could be able to pay our suppliers, and employers in the agreed time.

Looking forward to a quick response from your side.

Thanking you, and assuring you our best services at times.

Yours truly,

Project manager.
Core Construction Company