Letter for Applying a Cleaning Contract

Sample application letter to get a cleaning contract of commercial buildings, banks, apartments, houses, etc. Sample letter of expression of interest letter for cleaning contract to companies etc.

Letter to Apply for Cleaning Services

Dear Sir,

We provide cleaning services, and our happy customers include commercial, domestic, and business customers. We provide high-quality services while our payments are very reasonable. If you give us a chance, we would like to meet with you to discuss your needs, and we would also like to discuss in detail how our services can benefit you. I hope you will consider our application for the best cleaning services. I will be waiting for your positive response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name


Cover Letter for Cleaning Contract

Customer Name

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to your advertisement in The Daily News about the cleaning project on a contract basis. I am an experienced contractor, and I have ten years of experience in this regard. I have a very hardworking, dedicated, and professional cleaning staff. I assure you that I will provide the best cleaning services, and my rates are also low compared to the rest of the market. Kindly consider my application so that I can provide you best cleaning services.

Best Regards

Your Name, Cleaning Contractor

Your Company Name

Proposal Letter for Cleaning Contract

The Managing Director,

Hyper-Star Shopping Mall,

Dear Sir,

Letter for Applying For a Cleaning Contract

We have been apprised of the fact that your shopping mall requires daily cleaning altogether. For this purpose, we apply for our services to be engaged for your shopping mall as our company is widely regarded as one of the best companies in the district that provide services of cleanliness.

We have a vision of keeping our clients fully satisfied with our work and making everything clean following the principles of hygiene. We assure you of the best services that cover the areas of particularly removing of garbage from bins, washing of floors, and dusting from the offices.

It is pertinent to mention here that ensuring the cleanliness of respective counters is the responsibility of the stakeholders, and the company will not provide its services to them; instead, it will cover the entire building of the mall.

In this context, you are requested to provide us the opportunity to show our work and services of cleanliness and sign a contract in this regard.

Hope for your favorable response.

General Manager,

Glasgow Waste Management Company

Letter for Cleaning Contract of Office, Factory, Plaza, Building

Dear Manager,

I am John, and with all due respect, it is stated that I have heard that the company handling your cleaning contract shifted to some other city, and your company is in search of a good company for your cleaning contract. Sir, we have started a new company that handles and manages the cleanliness of a particular area. We are very good at what we do, and I assure you that you will get completely satisfied with our services. You can also visit us, check our way of managing things, and give you a proper walk-through of the full services we will be offering you in our package. We are a new startup company, and we strive to do better. We do not compromise on our standard of work, and we are also willing to give you a discount. I hope this all will make you visit us and work with us. I hope to hear a call from your company soon.

Anxiously waiting for a reply,


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