Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees, Customers

Format of wish letter to send to employees on the joyous occasion of Diwali. Employees are the backbone of a company, and wishing them properly at any festival is a company’s duty. Diwali is also known as Deepawali. Diwali gift ideas for employees are available here. Holiday Notification on Diwali Festival for Employees Staff members. … Continue reading “Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees, Customers”

Dress Code Notice To Employees

Dress code announcement sample. Warning letter for dress code. Dress code reminder memo. Dress code email template. Dress code reminder email. Notice for wearing the uniform. Employee warning letter for not wearing proper uniform. Dress Code Notice to Employees Dear Employees, I am writing to you all because the dress code has been brought to … Continue reading “Dress Code Notice To Employees”

Conflict Resolution Letter for Employees

Sample of resolution letter format. Conflict management letter. Alternative dispute resolution letter template. I need to resolve a dispute between managers who happen to be arrogant. Need to transfer technician to another office until the matter between them is resolved. Letter to Resolve Conflict between Employees/Managers To, The CEO, XYZ Organization Sir, I am writing this letter in reply to your memo. I received your … Continue reading “Conflict Resolution Letter for Employees”

Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager

Sample welcome letter for new employee. Manager is welcoming new employees of his organization, or company to set the tone for relationship. Welcome Letter To New Employees from Manager Dear Mr. ABC, We welcome you to our team (company). We would like to thank you for joining, and we are hoping that we will work … Continue reading “Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager”

Warning Letter to Employee for Absence

Sample warning letter to employee for remaining absent from office, school, factory, plant etc. Absent From Work Explanation Letter to Employee Ali Hadi Team Lead 39-D, Airport Avenue Sidney Dear Ali, It is being observed that you have been taking leaves without any intimation to your HOD, and this office. Also your prolong breaks are … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Employee for Absence”

Letter to Inform Change of Bank Account

Sample letter to the employer informing of change of bank account for salary transfer. My salary account is changed, and I need to inform my head office. How to write a letter about that? Letter to Inform Change of Company Bank Account Subject: Change of Company Bank Account Information Dear [Recipient’s Name], I hope this … Continue reading “Letter to Inform Change of Bank Account”

Welcome Speech to Employees

Welcome Speech to Employees. Welcome address to Employees. Welcome Speech to new Employees. Welcome address to new Employees. CEO Welcome Speech to Employees. Welcome speech for employees, or employee award ceremony is also available. Welcome Speech to New Employees Dear candidate, I hope you all are doing well. Today is a big day for all of … Continue reading “Welcome Speech to Employees”

Complaint Letter against Employee Sample

Sample complaint letter against employee’s misconduct, misbehavior, rudeness, or unprofessional behavior to boss, manager, or owner.  How to write a complaint letter about an employee? Sample complaint letter against employee, co-employee, or fellow employee. Complaint Letter against Employees Misconduct The Director Operations, London Rescue Service May 10, Dear Sir, This is to draw your kind … Continue reading “Complaint Letter against Employee Sample”

Letter to Employee to Improve Education

Sample letter to employee for improving educational skills, and capabilities for the betterment of his career growth, or promotion in the company. Letter to Employee to Improve Education Mr. John Sales supervisor Dear Mr. John, I am writing this letter to appreciate your hard work. You are an extremely talented, and committed individual, and you … Continue reading “Letter to Employee to Improve Education”

Training Invitation Letter to Employees

Sample letter to employees to invite them for a training session within the company, outside the company, by a trainer, or boss. Employee need to complete some training what should I write in a letter to employees. Letter to Employee for Not Attending Training Jones Smith 7th street, Downtown Respected Employee, My name is Michael, and … Continue reading “Training Invitation Letter to Employees”

Leave to Attend Court Date, or Appearing in Court

Want to write a leave application to go to court? We provide sample application letters for leave to attend court dates, appear in a court case with the attorney or lawyer, etc. Leave Application for Legal Work Dear Sir, This is to inform you that today is the date of my personal case in the … Continue reading “Leave to Attend Court Date, or Appearing in Court”

Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan

Sample recommendation, and reference letter to bank for confirmation of employment of your company staff for getting bank loan by the employee. Letter of Reference for Bank Loan To, The Manager, ADIB Bank, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Subject: Reference Letter for Bank Loan Sir, This is to confirm that Mr. Santosh Kumar (Passport No.123 323232) … Continue reading “Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan”

Application for Company Residence

Want to write an email or letter for allotment of company residence? We are giving you sample applications, letters, and email templates to ask for company residence for yourself and your family. Sample application letter to request residence from the company or in company apartments, company flats, company quarters, etc. Application for Company Residence The … Continue reading “Application for Company Residence”

Suspension Order Format for Employees

Please make an official letter for suspension order for employee, govt employee, federal govt employees etc. Suspension Order for Govt Employee From, HR Department. SSS Trading Company, ABC Road, Lahore. To, Mr. Irfan Khan, Accountant, Subject: Suspension Letter from the Job Dear Irfan, This is to inform you that in spite of several warnings from … Continue reading “Suspension Order Format for Employees”

Job Acceptance Letter Samples

Sample letter to the employer in response to job appointment letter to accept the job offer from company, employer, school, college, university, or government office, etc. Job Acceptance Letter from Employee To The Principal Rhodec, International Pvt. Ltd. Dear Sir, This is in reference to the job offer letter sent by you regarding the Interior … Continue reading “Job Acceptance Letter Samples”

Warning Letter for Performance Improvement

Sample letter to complaint the employee for his/her poor performance, behaviour, bad manners, and dirty cloths, and shoes etc. Letter for Performance Improvement Rose Petal & Co. Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, Respected Employee, It is to inform you that your current performance is not satisfactory at all due to whatever circumstances you are facing. The company … Continue reading “Warning Letter for Performance Improvement”

Announcing New Employee to Staff

Sample letter to announce the new employee to other staff members, or on notice board, or in the form of a memo to all staff of the office, company, or factory. Announcements of the new CEO, Announcements of the new manager, and announcements of the new supervisor are compulsory in some offices of HR. Sample … Continue reading “Announcing New Employee to Staff”

Official Letter for Appointing New Employee

Official letter for appointing a b17 grade officer in local govt office. He is General accountant before. Letter should be in the name of secretory of province. Requisition for appointing B 17 officer Notification sample. Sample of Appointment Notice Template To, Mr. David Helton, Secretary of State, San Francisco. California Subject: Appoint Mr. Hunter Morrison … Continue reading “Official Letter for Appointing New Employee”