Announcing New Employee to Staff

Sample letter to announce the new employee to other staff members, or on notice board, or in the form of a memo to all staff of the office, company, or factory. Announcements of the new CEO, Announcements of the new manager, and announcements of the new supervisor are compulsory in some offices of HR.

Sample Letter Announcement of New Employee Joining

Beacon House School System

Subject: Announcing the newly appointed staff at the garden town branch

Dear Sir,

After collecting, and shortlisting the CVs collected by our branch, we had successful meetings with the candidates. The conclusion from the interactions with the candidates we selected a number of candidates for the lectureship at the middle, and senior school. We allowed them for a trial session of 2 days respectively, and the staff that gave out the appropriate lecture with appropriate skills, we allowed to begin the session with the respective classes, and subjects. The selected staff is being announced, and we require permission from the head office to begin our session for the academic year (Date)-(Date). Following are the names of the staff with respective qualifications, subjects, and classes.

Class 8

Mr. Amjad Haroon    Mphil (English literature)            ENGLISH

Mr. Kashif Amber     Mphil (Mathematics)                  MATHS

Miss. Mubeena          Mphil (Environmental Sciences)   SCIENCES

Class 9

Sir. Imran Nadeem       Mphil (Chemistry)      CHEMISTRY

Class 10

Miss. Shehla Hamid     Mphil (Biology)    BIOLOGY

Kindly approve the announced staff. Any required detail shall be sent for any quarry. The previous staff have been running successfully and they are continuing this session for their respective subjects.

Yasir Zada Khan

Branch manager

BSS garden town campus

Email to Staff Announcing New Employee

New employee announcement memo

Dear Employees,

We are very happy to announce a new member of our team: Mr. Dan Rutherford!
Give him a warm welcome, and show how enjoyable it is to work here at Dawson Electric!

Let’s keep the Dawson family strong!

Tim McCarty

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