Ultimatum Letter to Employee

Want to write an ultimatum or warning letter for employees? We are giving you sample ultimatum email, letter, and application templates to warn your employee and staff of the company. Sample letter to give an ultimatum to an employee who has not come on time, is misbehaving, procrastination at work, or any other issue by the boss/employer.

Ultimatum Letter to Employee

Mr. (Enter Employee Name Here),

Dear Employee,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the whole office staff as this letter concerns everyone you work with. It has been reported to the CEO quite a number of times now that your attitude and behavior on the office premises are very unprofessional and need to be addressed. The way you harass the female staff is totally unacceptable. I ignored a few of your complaints on a few occasions thinking that you might mend your ways, but when I heard that you harassed the female staff, I had to write this ultimatum letter to you.

You must mend your ways immediately, or else the office staff will fire you and not grant you any recommendation letters. We hope you understand that office is a place where you have to stay professional and disciplined.

Thank you,
Your Name(Issuer Name)

Ultimatum Letter to Employee

Name of Employee

Subject: Warning Letter

Dear (Name of Employee),

This is an ultimatum letter to you for your insincerity towards your job. You were found absconded from your job yesterday. You have already been given one warning before. Your attendance for this month is also not acceptable.

This is the last warning to you from the department. Kindly come to the Chairman’s office along with an explanation letter for your negligence.


Name of Issuer

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