Request for Salary Increment for the Worker


Sample application letter for requesting increase in salary for workers under your supervision, within your department etc.

Request for Salary Increment of a worker

Dear Sir,

I have been working under your supervision for 2 years. I have worked extremely hard to add value to this organization. But, unfortunately, I am getting the same remuneration package on which I started my services.

In the last two years, due to high inflation, commodities’ prices have risen to a large extent. And also I am married, and my child has also started going to school. My family expenses have risen, and I am unable to make both ends meet in this salary.

Under these circumstances, it is therefore requested that I should be given an increment in my salary package proportionate to the existing inflation rate.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Request for Salary Increment for the Worker

To HR,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request that I am a team leader in this company for last four years. My workers have been working really hard to put this company’s reputation high. Time has changed a lot but yet workers’ pay remains the same. Kindly give them increment in salary as they worked really hard for this company.

Thank You

Team leader,
Jennifer smith

Request for Salary Increment for the Worker

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can request you to please add increment in the salary for one of my team member, as I am the head of the team he wants me to request you to add increment in his next pay. I will be thankful if you do this on my behalf.

Hoping for positive response


Project Head,
Asim Javed

Request of Salary Increment for the Worker



The HR department, Nyx INC,

Respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to inform you about the work progress of our newly hired staff. As their probation period is over, and their work performance is up to the mark. I would like to request you to increase their salaries as per agreement. Please find attached documents of every individual. Thanks,


Manager, Media department

Salary Revision Letter Sample for Employees


Below is the salary revision letter sample available for free download. This letter informs your company employees that their annual increments will be revised because of new criteria, and policy. You can customize this letter as per your needs.

Salary Revision to Employees, and Staff

Dr. Sehrish
GM Kamalia Sugar Mills
Kamalia Road,

Subject: Salary Revision of Company Staff

Dear Staff Members.

This is to inform all the staff members that the company management decided to revise the salary increments at the end of this month. Management also announced that they would address all the issues raised by the staff members in this salary revision. During the revision process, if a staff member’s salary will be increased, the company will pay the revised increment from July onward.

All staff members can submit their salary revision applications to the HRD department before the 15th of the current month.

All staff members also requested to please do not disturb the administration staff regarding revising of salary increments.

Warm Regards,


Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download

Salary Revision Letter for Employees

Dear Employees,

It is being notified with great pleasure, and satisfaction that this firm has reaffirmed its commitment towards providing its employees with the best possible salary packages, and other perks, and privileges for helping them maintain a good lifestyle.

Keeping in view the rapid increase in commodity prices, and increasing demand from employee representatives, the senior management has decided to revise all employees’ salary structures. It has been approved that the Basic salary of all grades should be increased by 20% along with a 15% increase in overtime rates of all the relevant departments.

It has also been decided that the company will provide complementary medical, and education insurance to all the employees, and their immediate family members. All the other perks, and bonuses remain intact. We hope that these decisions will enhance the motivation level of you all, and provide excellent results in the future.

Chief Executive Officer

Salary Revision Request Letter Sample


Below is the Salary Revision Request Letter Sample from your employer or company. You can give different reasons why you need the increment in your salary.

Salary Revision Request Email to Boss

Subject: Request to Revise Annual Salary Increment

Dear Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, it is stated that my annual salary increment is less than my expectations. I am not satisfied with my annual salary increment against my performance, qualification, and experience.

So kindly revise my annual salary increment.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Salary Revision Request Letter to Manager

Dear Sir,

Regarding my increased job responsibilities recently, I want to request a salary revision because my salary is not revised for a long time according to my performance. I can discuss anything related to my work and performance if required; otherwise, you know all about my job. I want you to double my salary at least. I hope to get a revised good salary package under your kind supervision.

Sincerely yours,

Your name

Salary Revision Request Letter Format

Acer Corporation

Dear Mr. James

As you know, I have been working for your organization as a production manager for the last two years. You can see the complete job record that I have always worked hard and completed every task according to the deadline. I hardly took any unnecessary leave other than yearly leaves.

I feel that I am experienced enough in this job to ask for raise in my salary. Most of my colleagues are promoted in terms of rank and salary, and I expect the same. So, with due respect, I want to say that kindly revise my salary package, so I could enjoy this company more thinking that you treat each employee on an equal basis.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Andrew
Production Manager
Acer Corporation

Salary Revision Request Letter to Manager

The finance department

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I am an employee at your company. I have been working at your company for more than six years. It has been an honor working with you. However, I believe that I am not paid enough for my qualification, and experience I hold for the job. As per company regulations, a certain amount is increased in the total salary of the employees each year. I have only received regular increments, but no bonuses were rewarded for the extra work I have been doing for the company.

I have taken on many side projects and still take extra shifts to maintain a quality work environment. It is, therefore, requested that my salary be revised. Taking my experience and achievement into consideration, I also request a bonus.

I hope you will understand my concern as my current salary is not enough for the nature of my work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jonathan hill

Request Salary Increment letter Sample for Marketing Manager


I am working as Marketing Manager at Sabri Group of Companies. I want to ask for salary increment. Please help me to write a good letter for asking salary increment from CEO, GM, Boss etc. I need salary increment up to $1700/- per month. My company is annually increasing my salary but this time I need greater salary increment.

Moreover I will suggest you to write a very short, and simple letter.

Write a Request for Management to Increase My Salary?

The Solutions HQ

Respected Administration,

My name is Watson, and I work in the marketing department of your firm. I am writing this letter to make a kind request that I recently became a dad, and now I have to look after 2 children.  I work very hard I am very punctual but my salary is the same old of $1234 as it was 4 years ago when I joined this firm.

Sir I have been an excellent employee to you, and this firm I do all of my work whole heartedly, and without any mistakes, but it is now getting very difficult for me to make both ends meet. I work really hard but still it is not enough for me to live in comfort. I hereby, am writing this letter to make a request for you to increase my monthly salary. Rates of everything are rising day by day, and it is getting very difficult to survive. I hope you will pay heed to my kind request, and you will increase my salary.

Employee number #1223
Department of marketing

Increment Request Letter

Ms. Sana Malik
General Manager
Sabri Group
Jail Road,

Subject: Request for Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

It is requested that I am working with Sabri Group from last two years as Manager Sales, and Marketing. I am MBA qualified, and having five years experience in my field, and just because of my education, and experience I successfully achieved many targets assigned by you, and more than that now all brands under my supervision generating almost double revenue from the date I joined Sabri Group.

This is to acknowledge you that my current salary is not according to my Education, and Experience, and now my achievement as well. I request you to please enhance my salary at least $4000/-. I will be thankful to you.


Minahil Qasim

Request Letter for Salary Increment by Manager

The Director HR,
Jam Shiri Ltd

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I, Rashid Ali have been working in your esteemed company for 5 years. During this time, I have worked very hard & honestly. I am the only care taker of family at home. This request is being written to discuss about salary increment.

I am working as sales supervisor, and my last increment was implemented 2 years ago. It has been a long time of salary increment. During this tenure, the inflation rate has been risen up to 30%. It has become difficult for me to support my family anymore.
I shall be thankful to you if you revise & increase my salary to 20%. I assure that I will serve your organization with same momentum.

Yours truly,
Rashid Ali
Sales supervisor
Consumer product department

Request Salary Increment letter sample for Marketing Manager

Salary Increment Application For All Team Members


Sample Salary Increment Application Format for the whole team, department, or group after achieving assigned targets. This application shortly describes the performance of the team and then asks for the increment.

Salary Increment Template


Subject: Application for Salary Increment

Dear Sir, or Madam,

We are writing to remind you about your August (year) promise to enhance our salary packages if we achieve the assigned targets. We have achieved our assigned targets during August. Therefore, now we request you to please increase our Salary according to our designations, and experience from September (Date).

Looking for your kind approval

Thanks & Regards,

Request for the Increment in Salary for Department

The Manager Operations (East Zone),
Glasgow Waste Management Company.

Dear Sir,

Allow me to address your attention to one of the most important employee matters under your supervision.

As you have the best knowledge among all of us, batch no. 34 was recruited in (Date), and since then, the members of this batch had been working on the same salary package without any increment in these years.

It is pertinent to mention here that most of us have acquired master’s degrees in our respective fields and can achieve the maximum target as set by the administration.

As you know, the inflation rate in our country is more than one can help, and it came to a head this year with a decrease in the value of the UK Pound. As a result, the staff personnel of batch no. 34 need to increase their salary on an urgent basis.

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, you are requested in a humble way that the salary increment for staff recruited in (Date) may please be considered at your utmost priority.

Hoping for your nice cooperation in this regard.

Anton Chekhov

Salary Increment Application for All Team Members

The finance department, Neo Consultants

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to bring to your knowledge that my team and I have completed our campaign in a given frame of time. As promised, we will get an increment in our salaries on completion of the campaign. As we have succeeded, we have expected an increment in the salaries of next month.

We expect a positive response as it will encourage the team members to give their best services to the company and bridge a healthy boss–worker relationship. We shall be really grateful for this kind gesture. Thanks


Mr. Marcus Corny,
Team Lead

Salary Increment Letter From Employer Free Download


Sample Salary Increment Letter From Employer available for Free Download. Annual Salary Increment letter for employees including Basic Salary, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Special Allowance, CLA + Indexation, Medical Allowance, SESA/PESA, Gross Salary per month, Bonus, Provident Fund, Vehicle Fuel, and R/M. You can customize this letter by putting all employee information, changing dates, and putting increased values in the relevant fields. In addition, you can add or remove the necessary items.

Salary Increase Letter to Employee

Date: ___________
Employee Name ___________
Employee Code  ___________
Designation   ______
Department  ___________
Date of Joining  ___________
Date of New Increment ___________

 Subject: Salary Increment for the Year (Date)-(Date)

The management is pleased to inform you that your salary has been revised w.e.f July 01, (year) for the fiscal year (Date)

The details of the increment are as stated below

 Revised Salary$Current Salary$Increase$
Basic ______ ____________
House Rent ______ ______ ______
Conveyance ______ ______ ______
Special ______ ______ ______
CLA + Indexation ______ ______ ______
Medical ______ ______ ______
SESA/PESA ______ ______ ______
Gross Salary per month ______ ______ ______
Bonus ______ ______ ______
P.F ______ ______ ______
Vehicle Fuel, and R/M ______ ______ ______
Total Salary per month ____________ ______

The above gross increment of $ ______ includes
$ _______ as Normal Increment
$ _______ as adjustment increment

We take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable contribution because of the challenging circumstances imposed by the external environment and look forward to your continued support & efforts to make the year ahead even better in terms of our shared vision.

Authorized Signatory