Request Salary Increment letter Sample for Marketing Manager

I am working as Marketing Manager at Sabri Group of Companies. I want to ask for a salary increment. Please help me write a good letter asking for salary increment from CEO, GM, Boss, etc. I need a salary increment of up to $1700/- per month. My company is annually increasing my salary, but this time I need a greater salary increment.

Moreover, I will suggest you write a concise and simple letter.

Write a Request for Management to Increase My Salary

The Solutions HQ

Respected Administration,

My name is Watson, and I work in your firm’s marketing department. I am writing this letter to make a kind request that I recently became a dad, and now I have to look after two children.  I work very hard. I am very punctual, but my salary is the same as $1234 as four years ago when I joined this firm.

Sir, I have been an excellent employee of you and this firm. I do all of my work wholeheartedly and without any mistakes, but making both ends meet is now getting tough. I work really hard, but it is not enough for me to live comfortably. So I am writing this letter to request you to increase my monthly salary. Rates of everything are rising day by day, and it is getting tough to survive. So I hope you will pay heed to my kind request, and you will increase my salary.

Employee number #1223
Department of Marketing

Increment Request Letter

Ms. Sana Malik
General Manager
Sabri Group

Subject: Request for Salary Increment

Dear Sir,

It is requested that I work with Sabri Group for the last two years as Manager of Sales and Marketing. I am MBA qualified and have five years of experience in my field. Just because of my education and experience, I successfully achieved many targets assigned by you. More than that, now all brands under my supervision have generated almost double the revenue since I joined Sabri Group.

This is to acknowledge that my current salary is not according to my Education and Experience, and now my achievement. I request you to please enhance my salary by at least $4000/-. I will be thankful to you.


Minahil Qasim

Request Letter for Salary Increment by Manager

The Director of HR,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I, Rashid Ali, have been working in your esteemed company for 5 years. During this time, I have worked very hard & honestly. I am the only caretaker of the family at home. This request is being written to discuss salary increments.

I am working as a sales supervisor, and my last increment was implemented two years ago. It has been a long time since the salary increment. During this tenure, the inflation rate has risen. As a result, it has become difficult for me to support my family anymore.

I shall be thankful to you if you revise & increase my salary to 20%. I assure you that I will serve your organization with some momentum.

Yours truly,
Rashid Ali
Sales Supervisor
Consumer product department

Request Salary Increment letter Sample for Marketing Manager

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