Salary Revision Letter Sample for Employees

Below is the salary revision letter sample available for free download. This letter informs your company employees that their annual increments will be revised because of new criteria and policies. You can customize this letter as per your needs.

Salary Revision to Employees and Staff

GM Kamalia Sugar Mills

Subject: Salary Revision of Company Staff

Dear Staff Members.

This is to inform all the staff members that the company management has decided to revise the salary increments at the end of this month. Management also announced that they would address all the issues raised by the staff members in this salary revision. During the revision process, if a staff member’s salary increases, the company will pay the revised increment from July onward.

All staff members can submit their salary revision applications to the HRD department before the 15th of the current month.

All staff members also requested to please do not disturb the administration staff regarding revising salary increments.

Warm Regards,


Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download
Salary Revision Letter Sample Free Download

Salary Revision Letter for Employees

Dear Employees,

It is being notified with great pleasure and satisfaction that this firm has reaffirmed its commitment to providing its employees with the best possible salary packages, and other perks, and privileges for helping them maintain a good lifestyle.

Considering the rapid increase in commodity prices and increasing demand from employee representatives, the senior management has decided to revise all employees’ salary structures. It has been approved that the Basic salary of all grades should be increased by 20%, along with a 15% increase in overtime rates of all the relevant departments.

It has also been decided that the company will provide complementary medical and education insurance to all the employees, and their immediate family members. All the other perks and bonuses remain intact. We hope that these decisions will enhance your motivation level of you and provide excellent results in the future.

Chief Executive Officer

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