Letter for Rejoining School/College as a Student

Want to rejoin the school? Sample application letter to the principal, headmaster, or director for rejoining the school or college after you have been expelled from the college due to a shortage of monthly fees by the college administration. A sample letter to the principal for readmission is available below after your admission was canceled.

application for rejoining school as a student

Dear Principal,

Due to some household reasons, I quit my studies at your prestigious school about a month ago. But now I want to rejoin my studies at your school and I assure you good progress. Therefore, I request you to please allow me to rejoin the school in grade (mention the grade here). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Principal for Rejoin College

Dear Sir

It is respectfully stated that I, Mr. Smith S/O Mr. Fleming have been studying in your college in grade 10 the two months back. My family wanted to send me to my uncle’s home in another city for my studies. So then I got my college leaving certificate from here, and went to that city, and got admission in a college. But due to some domestic reasons, my parents have called me back now. And now I want to rejoin your college in class XI. The college leaving certificate is enclosed herewith. A sympathetic action is requested, please.

Yours obediently


Application for Rejoining College as a Student

Dear Principal,

I have been studying in this college for one year as a first-year student in the art group. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I could not submit the college fee for March and April (Date). Resultant the college administration stuck my name as a college student. My father, who works as a taxi driver, could not earn enough to pay my college fee during these two months. Now my father has got rupees 30,000 from the bank as a loan. So I have decided to rejoin college by submitting the due college fee. I hope you will grant me permission to rejoin college so that I could resume my studies.

Yours sincerely,


Application Letter to Rejoin the College as a Student

The Director,

Government College,

Dear Sir,


I have been a student of Masters in psychology last year at your college. On account of unavoidable circumstances, my family and I had to move to another city, and I did have to leave the college. As we have again come to this city, I need to continue my studies by rejoining the college with your permission.

It is, therefore, requested that permission may please be granted to rejoin the college so that I can continue my studies.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly praised.

Yours obediently,

Tom Hanks.

Letter to Director for Rejoin College as a Student
Letter to Director for Rejoin College as a Student

Letter to Director for Rejoin College

Anthony Wills

Hall Plane, Mexico


Dear Wills,

We hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits. This letter is intended to reimbursement of your dedication to The Fusion College. We appreciate your direction to this institution and leading it to the peaks of excellence in education by maintaining the standard and quality of education. We shall be very honored if you rejoin the college at your first ease. It would be considered as an addition to your accomplishments to this college and in the best interest of this institution that flourished this far under your direction. Therefore, you are invited to reply to this letter in first of your spare time.

We shall be waiting for your response in this regard.

Thanks, and Best Regards

Board of Trustees

The Fusion College

Letter for Rejoining College

The principle,

Kips college LHR

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been a student of your college for one year. I have passed my 1st year of FSC from your college and got a scholarship in my class. But unfortunately, in my 2nd year of FSC, I have to suffer some circumstances. My father got a serious accident and was admitted to the hospital for eight months. Therefore, I have to join a job for my father’s treatment and meet others. During this, I couldn’t afford my college fee so. Therefore, I delayed my study for some time. Now, with the mercy of ALLAH, my father has gotten well.

Dear Sir, now I want to rejoin the college, complete my study, and also can afford my college fee. I have a good record of my study at your college. I got a scholarship in 1st year. I was also the C.R of my class. I participated in many others activities. I made my college team the winner of the city cricket matches. I always tried to increase the honor of my college.

I request you to allow me to rejoin the college. I hope you will pay heed to my record and situation. It is honorable to me if I rejoin my college and complete my study.


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