Appointment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample Appointment Letter for Teacher Job from school free download. Format of teaching appointment letter is free, and very good example for school, college, and academy teachers.

Job Appointment Letter to Teacher

The City School,
Gulberg, Lahore,

Respected Miss Nicholas,

It is to inform you that on the basis of your education, and other skills, our School has decided to appoint you as a teacher. Please confirm other details related to your job from the administration block of our School.


School Management

Short Appointment Letter for School Teacher Job

Dear Sir,

This letter is an appointment letter for your job in our school. You have been selected as the teacher of our junior classes. You are requested to join as soon as possible.


Beaconhouse School System

Teacher Appointment Letter

Ms. Minahil Qasim
Assistant Teacher Physics
LGS School


Dear Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am pleased to inform you about your selection, and teaching job confirmation for the post of Assistant Teacher for Physics for A Level at LGS school with the effect from 13 April (Date). All the terms, and conditions with other benefits are mentioned on the attached employment agreement form.

I congrats you, and welcome you on behalf of all the teaching, and administration staff of LGS School. Now you are the family member of the LGS teaching staff, and I hope that we together will work very hard to achieve the goals of our school.

Sincerely yours,

Manager HR Services

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Dear Ms. Kanza, Congratulations!
This is to notify you of your appointment as an English teacher from 18 July (Date). We welcome you on behalf of our school, teachers, and administration staff members at the faculty of Beacon House School System.

Please report to your section head Mrs. Tanzeela on 18th July with your original educational certificates. You are also requested to fill the enclosed employment biodata form required for this job, and submit it to the HR Department.

Your probation period is for three months starting from 18th July (Date). After your probation, you will be able to get all the benefits officers by the school to its permanent faculty members. We wish you the best of luck.


Head HR Department

Appointment Letter for School Administrator

Dear Ms. Fatima, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview on 12th July (Date). You are requested to join our school immediately as administrator, and report to HR Department. All terms, and conditions are enclosed with this appointment letter. We again congratulate you on your appointment on behalf of the teaching, and administration staff.


Head HR Department

Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School
Appointment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample appointment letter for a school teacher, principal, private school teacher, a secondary school teacher in India, Pakistan, Europe, USA, UK, EU, UAE, and middle east countries. The best letter of appointment for hiring teachers for a school job at any position with salary, and confirmation of job offer.

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Respected Ms. Laraib Sami,

Writing this letter on behalf of the OBTC School System, we are pleased to inform you that on grounds of your interview, and the tests that you qualified for, the school management offers you an opportunity to serve as a computer teacher at our school. The salary offered to you is Rs. 40,000 per month. It is an honor for us to hire a competitive candidate like you. You are advised to give proper notice of your intention if you want to join the job offered by us.

Thank you

Principal & Signatory

Teaching Appointment Letter Sample

On behalf of The Trust School, Sabzazar campus, we are hereby pleased to let you know that the School Management Committee is offering you an exciting opportunity to serve as a Junior School Teacher at our campus. You are selected on merit after the conduction of your test, interview, and demonstration.

The monthly salary offered to you is PKR 17000/- with free pick, and drop service. It is the best opportunity for you to work in a competitive, and challenging environment, and prove yourself as well as avail the chance of grooming yourself.

Please let us know about your consent by a formal thanks letter within one week, if u wish to join the school with the salary, and services offered. Thank you

Appointment Letter for School Teacher
Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment Letter for School Teacher of any subject like a computer, math, English, science, physics, chemistry, the biology of any position like a senior teacher, junior teacher, or principal, etc.

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