Sample Authority Letter For Cheque Collection

Want to write an authority letter? Sample authorization letter for cheque and payment collection from clients, banks, and businesses available below:

Authority Letter for Collection of Payment from Client

Dear Sir,

Regarding our conversation about payment collection. Mr. (name of person) will call you and collect the payment at your convenience. Thank you for using our services. I will be happy to serve you in the future as well.

Sincerelly Yours,

Your Name

Authority Letter for Payment Collection

Bahria Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.




Attn: Finance Manager

Subject: Authority Letter for Cheque Collection

Dear Sir,

Referring to the subject matter, We have authorized Mr. Alex NIC # 000 to collect a payment cheque from Bahria (Pvt) Ltd.

Yours Sincerely

Your Name

Cheque Collection Authority Letter Format

Director Finance
Marvel Hotels
Subject: Authority Letter for Cheque Payment Collection

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your call to collect our payment cheque for July. As per our conversation, one of our representatives, Mr. Saqib, visits you for collection. Furthermore, he will provide you a copy of his CNIC and Visiting Card. Therefore, I request you to please give him the cheque, and We will send the official invoice to you within 2 or 3 working days from our Head Office.


Muhammad Hamza
Manager Marketing

Authorized Letter for Cash Payment Collection

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sending our accounts executive Mr. Kashif Naeem (CNIC=000), for cash payment collection for your ordered items. He will provide you the bill and receiving of the payment. I will be thankful to you.



Authority Letter for Documents Collection

The Bank Manager

Subjects: – Request for Collect Form – E
Dear Sir.
Please behalf of our company providing us with 1 set of blank –E –Form. Ms. Rosey, manager of export, is authorized to collect the same form –E on our company’s behalf is N.I.C No 36546-874567-7 –for your Information.
Muhammad Awais
Managing partner


I (Leonardo S/o Angel), having National Identity Card No. 00000000 hereby authorize Miss. Komal Rizvi D/o Rizvi Iqbal to collect a cheque for the amount of 30,000 on my behalf.

Signature: ________

Leonardo Angel

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