Request for Meeting Appointment with Seniors / Other Employees/Clients Sample Letter

Sample letter for Meeting Appointment with managers, CEO, boss, and office staff/employees within your company, and other companies. Letter to a client for meeting request for discussion of business matters.

Letter Requesting Meeting Time to CEO

Dear Madam,

I want to have a short meeting by tomorrow for a discussion on the proposal for our marketing campaign. I am sharing a document for the presentation of this campaign for your review. I am waiting for your reply with a convenient meeting time.


Your Name

Meeting Appointment Letter Sample Email

Dear Jack,

I hope that you will be fine and doing well. I am very thankful for your visit to our Cooperation.
As discussed, I want to present you with the overall plan/layout of our upcoming collaborative project launch.

I request you to spare me some time to have a meeting regarding our work together properly. This meeting is essential for our project. Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Warm Regards,


Letter for Meeting Appointment at Office of Construction Company

My name is Mr. Ali Shah, and I am contacting you on behalf of X, and R construction company, which has signed a site project with you. I want to keep you up to date regarding the project that our company is holding. So I request you to to have some time with me. I hope your busy schedule will allow you to meet me for an hour. Please give me a ring after deciding when you are available.

Thanking You,
Manager Communication & Development

Students Seeking Appointment Letter Sample For Meeting

Dear Sir/Maam,

We are students of Lahore University of Management Sciences. Regarding our course of “Non-Profit Organization Management,” we would like to do our project on the Monitoring and Evaluation system of AHF.

Our assignment aims to get information about any current or future program or project of your organization and then design and propose an M&E framework for it.

For this purpose, we would like to meet Dr. Rosey, President AHF, and discuss our project with him. We shall be extremely grateful if we can get a meeting appointment with Dr. Rosey.

We will be happy to give us the appointment on Thursday, 10th April, between 12-pm as it will be feasible for us to manage time from our class schedule. If, unfortunately, this time slot is not available, then please kindly inform us of any other options available so that we can see if we can manage.

We are very hopeful of getting a positive response from your side soon. Thanking you in anticipation.


Your Name, Designation

Appointment Letter For Meeting from School Director/Principal

Ms. Urooj
American Lyceum School System, NY

Subject: Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Madam,

The WEDF School System is rendering its services in the education sector with Learning to bring out the best in our children, catering to their multiple intelligence and potential. The school has four campuses in Lahore and five other campuses in different cities in Punjab.

Although the school has been able to render quality services to our stakeholders, we are planning to incorporate opportunities for students who have special needs, believing in the philosophy of Inclusive Education. Therefore, we would like to join your esteemed organization to facilitate our existing students and open doors for apprentices. On behalf of my institution, I would like to request a meeting appointment at your convenience to discuss the areas and options where your organization could assist us. Looking forward to a positive response from you soon.


Director Academics WEDF School System

Request for Meeting Appointment Letter Sample
Request for Meeting Appointment Letter Sample

Personal Meeting Request Letter Format for Email

Subject: Letter to Request a Meeting with the CEO

Dear Concerns,

I am working for Khan Tareen, who is interested in doing something for the blind people of Pakistan through his NGO named TEF. We are in the very initial phase, and we seek your guidance in this process. I want to visit your organization to see which tools and mediums are used to educate blind people and want to discuss new horizons we have in our minds for them. I shall be looking forward to your kind reply and appointment time in this regard.

Thank You with kind regards,

Dilshad Shoukat,
Project Manager

Meeting Request Email Letter Format for Internship

Dear Ms. Hira Iqbal,

Thank you very much for your detailed email introducing your internship program. We request you to please visit AH Foundation DHA, Campus in working days for further proceedings. You can call this number 03001234567 before coming.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Hamza
Manager Resource Development

Seeking Appointment Letter Sample For Meeting
Seeking Appointment Letter Sample For Meeting

Request for Meeting Time for Consultant

Dear Sir,
We are a consultancy firm, Amir Jafri & Associates. Our CEO is Mr Amir Siraj Jafri. We are designing an institute with similar facilities to your institute, the ‘AHF Foundation.’ It would be a great help if you allow us to study the whole atmosphere of the institute. Any further input and information from your side would be greatly appreciated.

Please grant us a meeting time on the coming Monday. Waiting for your email reply asap.
Yasmeen Amir Jafri

Short Meeting Request Letter after Phone Call/SMS

Dear Dr. Rosey,
Further to our conversation on the phone today, I would like to request an appointment after Eid. I hope you will be able to get back with the time and date asap. Thanks


From the above sample meeting appointment letters, you will also learn how to write a letter for meeting time, meeting appointment, meeting request, and call for a meeting of the company staff. Detailed and short letters are available for download but republishing of these letters not allowed in any case.

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  1. Request letter to the administration on the number of days we are suppose to be holding meetings in a week.(twice a week)

  2. DearSir,
    I am in a marketing field and meeting good customers but after some visit some the project goes on hold.To remind them and assurance to complete the project want classic letter format.
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    Vijay Arekar

  3. I’m working at the Single Parents Support Foundation. I would like to send a request for a face to face meeting to our sponsors and donations with the founder and executives. It’s hard to get sponsors and donations and they always declined our letters and emails so now we want to see them in person to discuss our visions and missions.
    Please send me a format of such letter.

  4. I would like to open temporary airbrush tattoo stall and run abutters operated remote control kids ride car in an amusement parks and big shopping malls. For that I need a format of mail to send to the concern general manager asking permission regarding this. So please send me a format of a letter to send mail.

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