Requisition Letter for Office Equipment

Requisition letter for purchase of equipment for office like tables, chair, ups, mouse, printer, scanner, copier, led, multimedia, projector, speakers, remote etc.

Requisition Letter for Office Equipment

Dear Sir,

I Uswah Iqbal, working as an office manager since last two years. This application is to inform you that many of the office equipment are now not in good working condition, and it is now the need of office to buy some new items so that workers can do work easily, and comfortable zone as they are facing problems while doing work, and complaining. These equipment include stationary, some computer systems as well. So it would be a huge favor if you could get this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Office manager,

Request Letter for Office Equipment

The Floor Manager,
XYZ Company

respected sir,
the following application is being written to you on behalf of the whole floor staff. It is stated that since a few weeks now after our office was moved from the third floor to the first we have lost a lot of office equipment in the moving process. Moreover since the joining of the new office staff we have been experiencing a lack in everyday use office equipment as well.

I am attaching a list of the office equipment that we need the most right now, and without which working on a daily basis is very hard for us. I hope you will consider our situation, and provide us with all the office equipment that we need.
Best Regards,

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  1. I am working in exam section of a university. And I need the office equipments for routin basis work so I want a demand note sheet to my project director. Pleas guide me. Will be very thankfull.

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