Sample Letter for Sending Generator Proposal

Sample letter to send proposal to clients, customers, and companies from your company, store, or selling purposes.

Proposal Letter to Offer Services

Sub: Generator Proposal for (1 x 10KVa, 1 x 15KVa & 1 x 25KVa)Diesel Gen-Sets

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to your inquiry regarding purchase of the above mentioned Power Generation Units.

We are pleased to submit our proposal in compliance with your present power requirements.

Our foremost concern since our inception has been to provide turn key power solutions that fulfill the client’s needs, and are in line with the current market, and technological trends. These solutions are unparalleled in excellence, and are all backed by our brand of service – that is warranties, and after-sales services with an assurance of equipment repair, and restore with shortest possible downtime, and lowest possible costs.

We look forward to hear from you soon. With this endeavor that we will be able to develop a long lasting business relationship with your esteemed institute.

Thanking you, and looking forward,


Application for Sending Proposal for Generator

The General Manager,
Ice cream Company.

Respected sir,

As you know that we are in the ice cream business, and it is vital for us to maintain temperature within prescribed limits in our freezing chambers. Failure in doing so causes problems in maintaining taste of our products, and many of them are temperature sensitive.

Therefore, we require continuous supply of electricity at our branch. Unfortunately, due to recent increase in electricity demand, this area is a subject of frequent load shedding, which is causing great loss to inventory, and decline in customers due to deterioration of taste.

Under these circumstances, it is requested that a heavy duty generator should be provided to this branch as early as possible to facilitate us in managing the business properly.

Yours faithfully,

Branch Manager

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