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Letter to Cancel the Approved Leave of Employee Due To Work in Office

Sample letter to employee from manager, boss or company for informing about the cancel of leave due to work load in office.

Letter to Cancel Leave

Model Town Extension,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Respected Employees,

It is to announce that the summer holidays for which you were going to be sent to Malaysia as a bonus of your job, has been cancelled due to an important meeting with Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., as you all know that they can give a good project to the company. Your holidays are postponed for now.
Your Respectfully,

Donoghue, CEO Carlil Companies

Cancellation of Leave of Employee

Dear Robert William,

We are aware that you had applied for one day leave during previous week to participate in your family function which was approved. However, it is very important to inform you that an emergency has occurred due to sudden death of a senior member in your office due to his road accident. Therefore, in current circumstances, your leave has been cancelled to avoid any vacuum of work caused by absence of one of your senior colleagues in the office.

The inconvenience on your side is regretted, but we hope it will be possible for you to postpone your family function till the emergency work is done as per deadline by our client. After that, you may take leave for one day in order to participate in your family function.


Mr. H.W.James

Manager HR

Cancel Approved Leave Request Letter
Cancel Approved Leave Request Letter

Sample application requesting cancel of approved leave letter for office, school, college, company or factory.

Request for Cancelling Approved Leave

The Managing Director,

Designs Co.

Subject: Cancel request for leave on 7th August

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that my plan for going to Islamabad tomorrow has dropped due to the unavailability of the person I wanted to meet there. It is therefore requested to kindly cancel my leave for 7th August. I shall report at work tomorrow on time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanking you in anticipation.


Sidrah Ajmal

Request Letter for Cancellation of Leave

Respected Sir,

I am Atif Khan, assistant admin officer writing to request for the cancellation of my approved leave because the problem has be resolved. I applied for one week leave due to emergency at home but now all the well and no emergency anymore at my home. I request you to please cancel my submitted leave application. So there will be no effect on my attendance and salary. Thanking you.


Atif Khan

Letter to Cancel Approved Leave of Employee Due To Work in Office

The Head of Department

Tsinghua University


Respected Sir

It is a matter of urgency to disturb you during the vacations but the university office has just been informed about the PEC visit scheduled to be on Thursday. We regret but your leave has been terminated and you are directed to report at the office by tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Wtson

Department IE

Letter to Cancel the Approved Leave of Employee Due To Work in Office
Letter to Cancel the Approved Leave of Employee Due To Work in Office

Letter to Cancel Leaves of All Staff

Dear respected Sir,

It is stated very regretfully that the management has decided to cancel your previous submitted leave application to the admin department dated 21st September, 2015. We feel very sorry to cancel your leave application of 3 days as stated by you in the mentioned application. We would like to inform you about the reason behind cancelation of your submitted leave and we think it is your right to know the actual fact behind the cancellation of the leave.

As you are well aware that recently company has cracked an enormous deal of supplying the footballs to the upcoming league matches. So it is an enormous achievement for the company and the staff. As the league  matches are about to start in a week time and so the client is emphasizing on our company to deliver their products in time. As the deadline is approaching very fast we will be needing your services until we have been done delivering this order in time. It was therefore a decision by the whole management to not to give any leave to a single employee so they canceled every single approved or submitted leave applications. So we are requesting you to continue your work on the leave days with a positive approach. We assure you that you can have your leaves as soon as possible after this consignment delivery. There will be no problem in your leaves afterwards. We hope you will continue to work as you are currently doing understanding the company’s position. We will be very grateful to you for your understanding and cooperation with us.

Thanking you in anticipation of this cooperation.

With best regards and affection,


Apology Letter for Being Absent Due to Sickness

Sample application letter to apologize for the absents you have without informing your boss or office.

Apology for Being absent from Work

The Divisional Engineer


Subject: Apology for Being Absent

Dear Sir,

I feel sorry to be absent from office yesterday due to sudden sickness. I could not even convey my application. Actually I did try my best to get up and come to office but I had lie down again due to dizziness and weakness. I know I have a lot of work pending but I may assure you that I will complete it as soon as possible even if I have to stay late hours.

I hope you will accept my apology.

Thanking you I remain

Yours Truly

Ahmad Butt

Engineer I.T


Apology Letter for absence Due to Sickness

General Motors Co. Ltd.,


Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to apologise about my being absent from the office. I had a very valid reason for being absent but I still apologise as I should have sent you an application for leave. I am suffering from a Cardiac disease due to which I was hospitalized and that was the reason that I could not inform you timely. please accept my apology. I shall be grateful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Application for Apology Due to Absents from Office


The Chief Executive Officer Wapda Lahore

Subject: Apology Request Letter

Respected Sir,

I have been working in WAPDA as a lineman since 2010. A few days ago I had gone to Islamabad to attend the marriage ceremony of a close relative’s son.

Unfortunately right after attending the wedding ceremony I fell seriously ill and I was hospitalized. That is why I had to remain absent from department for more than 5 days.

I am sorry to state that I could not submit application for leave due to health problem. Therefore I request you that no disciplinary action should be taken against me for remaining absent without submitting an application for casual leave.

Yours Sincerely,


Apology Letter for being absent due to Sickness


The Manager, HR.

Dear Sir,

I have been absent from the office for last couple of days due to sickness. I could not write an application to you for my leave. However, I must tell you that such an act of negligence was not intentional at all. Actually, my illness took a heavy toll on my physical health due to which I remained unconscious in the hospital most of the time. With such miserable health condition I just forgot to write an application to you for leave due to my sickness. My family members along with me in the hospital were too worried about my health to inform you about cause of my absence from the office. However, my health is fully recovered now. That’s why; I have resumed my official duties from today. But, I regret for not being able to send my leave application to you earlier; for which please accept my sincere apologies.  I am optimistic that such an act of negligence on my part will not repeat in the future.

I shall be grateful to you for your kindness in this regard.

Thank you so much for your valuable time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes

Write letter to the principal for extra class for class 8 during winter break. Request letter to principal from the teacher seeking his permission to start extra make up classes of 8th grade students in winter break due to shortage of time.

Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes

Kind Attn: Dear Honorable Sir/Miss

Good day

Sir, I have missed some important topic of my sylybus due to high fever from last month. I Have try my best to understand these topics but cant do this.

So, me need your help to take some extra classes to understand these topic and make complete my Exams PREPARATION.

Hope you will give me a favor and help in this regard

Thanks and Best Regards,

M. Asif

Application Letter to Principal for Additional Classes

Dear Principal,

This letter is to request some extra classes for accounting subject. Due to the vast syllabus of accounting we were unable to study all the material needed to pass the exams. Further class practice has also not been done according to the syllabus. We request some extra classes of two weeks in order to give a good result.


Fsc 2nd Year Class

Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes

Respected sir,

With due respect, I want to say that I am teacher of 8th grade at your school. The syllabus of 8th class is very extensive. I tried my best to cover it before the winter break but due to some unannounced holidays and other reasons I could not complete the syllabus in time due to which it had to be re adjusted any time in upcoming days. As you know just after the winter break there are send ups of the 8th class. The admission of all the students of 8th class will be sent on the basis of result of the send ups. If the syllabus of 8th class is not complete on time then there is chance that we may lose the admission of most of the students of 8th grade. Hence it is necessary to set up some classes in upcoming days so as to complete the remaining work. Only winter break is our only chance to set up extra classes for the 8th grade students. Therefore you are requested to give me permission to start the make-up extra classes of the students of 8th grade in this coming winter break. Doing so will ensure the maximum admission of students of 8th grade and will prevent any collateral damage.

I hope that i have convinced you enough to allow me to set up extra make up classes for 8th grade students. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor. Thanking in advance.

Yours truly

Sidra Khalid

Senior Teacher

Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes
Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes

Letter for Sad News of Death

Sample letter or email for sending sad news of death of friend, father, mother, son, daughter or any siblings to office, company etc. Obituary sample for father, mother, uncles and all other relations.

Letter for Death News of Employee

Dear Staff Members,

We are very sorry to tell you that Mr. Clark who served as Assistant manager in our company has died due to heart attack. We have indeed lost a good friend and a Great person. Its hard period for his family and colleagues. His work in our company was worth appreciation. May his soul rest in heaven.

Manager HR

Letter for Sending Sad News of Death of Teacher

Respected Principal,

Sad Sad News First teacher Rubina expired at 6:00 PM. May ALLAH rest her soul and Grant solace to the family Aameen. A dedicated teacher and one of the most loving teacher of your school.

Letter for Death Intimation to the Office

Dear Sir,

I am in a state of great grief to inform you that my maternal uncle has expired the last night as he was a patient of a chronic liver disease. It is further stated that his funeral ceremony has been scheduled at today. By the virtue of this letter I request my colleagues to attend it for the forgiveness of the deceased.

Yours obediently,

Obituary Sample Format for Company

Mr. Richardson,
Super Town, Glasgow.

Dear Sir,

This pains us to inform you that Mr. Brett Lee who has been working as a Manger Operations for United Bank London, has passed away from cardiac arrest this morning (may his soul rest in peace).

You are requested to please take his body into your custody from the dead house of Care Hospital at your earliest and contact with the Bank for the provision of monetary aid to his family and that could also be used for his sepulture.

United bank acknowledges the efforts of Mr. Brett Lee being an employee and stands with his family in the time of need.

With regards,
Zonal Manger,
United Bank, London

Letter for Death of Father

Mr. Specter

Managing director
JCL Cements

Sir, with full regret I have to inform you that my father who had been in the ICU for the last 3 days passed away. My mother had died when I was 11 and losing a father now is devastating for me. Being the eldest amongst siblings, this brings a huge responsibility on my shoulder. The funeral will be held tomorrow at JD Cemetry, Houston. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Charles Whitmore
Houston, Texas

Letter for Sending Sad News of Death
Letter for Sending Sad News of Death

Sample SMS for News of Death and Janaza

SMS for informing of death
SMS for death

Letter to Friend for Death of His Father

The dear Salman,

Dear friend,

It was painful news of death of your dear father. I was in Pakistan when he met with a road accident. He was seriously injured but I was hopeful for recovery of his health. When I met him last time in hospital he wished me a successful career in a very kind way. He was not only a man of letters but also a social worker and pious man. He used to advise his Youngers to play a kind role in society. Everyone had a big loss of such a great personality. He is not a man to be forgotten. I am really sorry I could not join his funeral ceremony as you know I had recently joined Dubai firm and they did not allow me a leave.

My prayers are with you and your family members. May his soul rest in peace

Farhan khokhar

Career Change Cover Letter Examples

Sample cover letter to change your profession within the same company but different department in companies, banks, factories, mills and production units etc.

Cover Letter for Career Change

Dear Madam,

I am Urooj working in Sales Department since one year on behalf of my graduation degree. I want to inform you that I have completed my Masters Degree in Business administration with specialization in marketing and now I am writing to request you to please change my department from sales to Advertising and Creativity. I chosen Advertising as my specialization subjects because of my keen interest in this field and specially advertising was most interesting for me.

My friend from Marketing Department told me yesterday about the vacant position and I believe that I am the most suitable candidate for the vacant position. I am also ready for interview for vacant position in the advertising department if the management will be agree. I also checked the company policy and there will be no hurdle by company laws for changing my job and department. Looking for your kind favor and approval. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Sales Associate

Application for Job Change

Dear Ms. Samreen Fatima,

I am Sana from Marketing Department working as Marketing Associate since four months. My educational specialization is in accounts because I have done M Com. I am writing to request you to please change my job from marketing to accounts department. I assure you that I will work very efficiently and effectively on the new designation of Accounts Associate.

Thanking you,

Sana Fatima

Cover Letter for Career Change for Download
Cover Letter for Career Change for Download

Leave Application Format

Sample leave application template for writing leave application for you or someone else. You can learn how to write leave application in your office or institute from the below template.

Simply it is explained that what should be included in the template and sequence of paragraph with design of the leave application.

Template of Leave Application

Attention name:

Address of Company, School etc

Subject Line:

Text body of application in paragraphs:

First paragraph: Who your are and why you are writing leave application. Explaining the reason of leave is most appropriate in the first paragraph.

Second Paragraph: How longer you need the leave. Writing specific days or weeks makes your leave application more specific, clear and purposeful.

Third Paragraph: Request  for approval of leave as desired and say thanks to the authority for accepting this leave application.

Ending: Leave application with salutation is the best adopted method worldwide.

Your Name

Your Signature/Authority/designation/enrollment etc

Leave Application Format
Leave Application Format

How to Write a Leave Application?

Please use search box for your required leave application or visit homepage for list of leave applications. Here you will read instructions for how to write a leave application for school, office, factory, mill etc. Sample of leave applications are also available for download office and personal uses. Republishing or online publishing is strongly prohibited.

We will explain:

  1. How to Start a Leave Application?
  2. Text Body of Leave Application
  3. Ending the Leave Application

Beginning of a leave letter

  1. Whenever you start a leave application, make sure that you use a polite tone and sound as humble as possible because you’re causing the organization or employer to look for your substitute or simply manage without you. So you need to sound as modest as possible.
  2. Start the application with “Dear Sir/Ma’am” or “Dear (insert name of whoever the application is addressed to)”.
  3. Commence with introducing yourself. Your name and your designation.
  4. If you have previously verbally talked to your boss/employer about your leave, then begin with referring to that conversation.
  5. Be clear in your thoughts and come straight to the point of writing the application.

The Body of a Leave Letter

  1. The body of a leave letter explains your purpose of writing. It has to be as succinct as possible.
  2. Make a request for leave in the most humble manner. Use words that show courtesy like, “please”, “kindly”, “humbly requested” etc.
  3. Mention the number of days you’ll be gone. E.g., two days.
  4. Indicate the exact dates of leave. DD/MM/YY, for example, from 31st July, 20XX to 1st August, 20XX.
  5. State your reason for asking leave.
  6. If you’re enclosing any documents as proof to support your reason for leave then mention it in the body of the letter.
  7. Remember to keep your application as concise as possible. Avoid any unnecessary details.

Ending a Leave Letter

  1. While ending a leave letter, you have to sound hopeful that your request will be accepted and thankful to the boss for being understanding, cooperative, and facilitate you.
  2. Give any suggestions you have for managing work in your absence, or if you have already looked after the work, mention it in your ending paragraph.
  3. Mention that you have provided your email address & phone number where you can be reached in case of any emergency or for seeking any information.
  4. Sign off the application on a thank you note, a one liner would do. Like, “Your facilitation in this regard will be highly appreciated”, “I shall remain grateful to you”, “I’ll be much obliged” etc.
  5. Remember that you’re asking your boss for a favor, and it’s his choice whether to accept or reject your application. Therefore, choose your words wisely and maintain a humble tone.

Apology Letter Sample for Mistake

Apology Letter Sample for Mistake or misconduct to teacher, principal, manager, boss, senior, friend and business partner.

Application letter for sorry for teacher

Dear Sir,

I am Mahnoor student of A-Levels in your prestigious school. With reference to yesterday’s dispute with my teacher I am writing to regret for my mistake from my class teacher. After leaving school yesterday to till now I am feeling embarrassed and the whole night I couldn’t sleep.

I believe it was all due to my mistake and I am extremely sorry for all this I created in the class. I request you to please forget everything and in future our relationship of respect and dignity shell be continued. I promise I will never ever repeat my mistake again, sorry for everything.



Apology Letter Sample for Boss or Manager

Dear Sir,
With reference to yesterday meeting I am writing to regret for my mistake. I promise that I will not do the same mistake again. I also request you to please don’t issue me a warning letter from the company because it will damage my repute seriously and I will feel embarrassed.
Looking for your kindness to accept my request for apology and regret.

Thanking you and warm regards,


Apology Letter Sample for Mistake
Apology Letter Sample for Mistake

Apology Letter for Mistake

Mr. Joseph
Purchase Manager,
TTV Co. Inc.

Dear Sir,

I have come to know that our company has dispatched some defaulted television systems to you during the last consignment. I am feeling very sorry for the mistake. The inconvenient situation occurred because of the negligence of storekeeper. I assure you that this will not happen again.

Please accept my humble apology in this regard. Our company will also provide 20% discount on the delivery of new items. Hope that you will continue doing business with us.

Yours sincerely,


Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format

Sample memo for the staff or employees who remain absent for a certain time without any notice to employer. Absentees memo can be issued to warn the employees, terminate the employees and for show cause notice prior to termination.

Sample Memo on Habitual Absenteeism

To: Mirrat

It is to inform you about your job termination notice because of remaining absent for Six days from office without informing to the HR Department and your immediate boss. We also request you to please visit the office during working hours and handover the keys you hold to HR department. You can collect your experience certificate for your services.

Mehak Batool
Cc: Director HR

Memo for Absent Without Permission

Director Finance
Security Office

Memo for Warning

To: Ms. Wadia Ameer,

You remain absent from office since four days. It is to inform you that as per company policy you are being warned second time for not showing responsibility. Section A2 of your appointment letter in terms and conditions section it is clearly mentioned that on third warning you will be terminated from the job. This is your last warning with the hope that in future you will show responsibility and restore the confidence of management.

Head HR Policy
CC: Director Marketing

Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format
Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format

Verification of Employment Letter Sample

Sample letter for verification of employment for clients. This also includes form for employment verification indicating all the requirements.

Employment Verification Letter Format

To Human Resource Manager,
British Oil Company
United Kingdom.

Respected sir,

This is personal assistant to the general manager human resource division, Baker Hughes writing. Sir, this is to inform you that your former employ Mr. Haris Mahmood has applied for the post of principal engineer at our firm. The reference for this opening is NK103 and was issued on June 15th, 20XX. He has been selected from final interview.

During the verification procedure, it was found that this candidate has mentioned his work experience of 5 years in your company from August 20XXto July 20XX. This letter is dispatched to your firm for the verification of his work experience and all the other details related to your company. Prompt reply will be appreciated.

I thank you in advance for this favor hoping that you will dispatch verification letter to our company as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

General Manager Human Resource

Employment Verification Letter

Muhammad Sami Ullah
Manager (Resource Development)
AH Foundation
Faisal Town, Lahore,

Subject: Verification of Employment – Sumbal Arif

Dear Sir,

SemiOffice is a background Verification Company. We verify the particulars of candidates/applicants as presented by them in their application forms. The candidates are either already working for our clients or being considered for employment.

In this regard, we request you to kindly verify the documents and the details enumerated below so that we may process the applicants/candidates application effectively. A quick feedback from you will facilitate the candidate future prospects.

Candidate’s Particulars

Candidate Name: Sumbal Arif

Employee ID:

Please Provide Company /Institute Name:

Period of Employment: July 01, 20XX to August 02, 20XX
Designation: Volunteer Remuneration

Please Provide Supervisor Name: Not Available

Name & Designation:

Reason for Leaving:

Nature of Separation (HR Comments):

Integrity/Disciplinary/Personal issues if any:

Eligibility for re-hire:

Any Exit Formalities Pending/Complete:

Additional HR Comments:

Company Line of Business:

Verifier’s Name & Designation:

I am attaching herewith the copy of Authorization for your reference.

In this connection, we would appreciate your cooperation with a timely response.

With Best Regards,

Executive- Verifications,
Semi Office Inform Private Limited,
50-C1, Faisal Town,

Verification of Employment Letter Sample
Verification of Employment Letter Sample