Complaint Sample Letter About a Warranty Dispute

Want to write a Complaint Sample Letter About a Warranty Dispute? We are giving you some letters to complain about the warranty dispute, replacement dispute, exchange dispute, repair dispute to the company.

Company Name
Address, City

To Whom It May Concern

I bought a (product name) from your company with one-year replacement warranty. It’s only been four months and there’s been a fault in the product and it’s not working anymore. The warranty center has also refused to give a warranty claim and didn’t even repair it for free.

You are requested to take notice of this issue and give me a warranty claim as per company policy. I will be grateful to you.


Your Name

Letter to Company for Warranty Dispute or Refused Warranty Claim

The Manager,
Name of the Company,
Address, City

Subject: Complaint about Warranty Claim Refused by the Staff

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter regarding the warranty claim on (claim date) for (mention the product name). I purchased this product on (date) with a one-year warranty of replacement/repairing/exchange the product from company outlets.

Now 6 months are over and suddenly the product stopped working. I personally visited your company outlet with the product, invoice and warranty card but they refused to replace it.

I request the authorities to please help my product replaced as this is faulty and no more working for me.

I also request the authorities to notice the problem because other customers can also face the same and they may also claim the replacement in the coming future.

Thanking you in advance.


Your Name


Complaint Letter About a Warranty Dispute or Warranty Claim Refused by Company

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