Breach of Agreement Letter of Complaint

Sample letter to complain about the breach of the tenancy agreement, lease agreement, confidential agreement, franchise agreement, or settlement agreement with other businesses, contractors, companies, or individuals. Cover letter to contractors on breaking of the contract.

Letter on Breach of Contract Agreement to Contractor

Mr. Alan Taylor
Chief Financial Officer
ABC Company

Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your attention that we had entered into a parking agreement with you dated 22 February, XXX vide agreement reference no. XXXX.

As per the agreement, the fee for car parking is $5. However, we have received numerous complaints that your agents are charging beyond the specified limit. On receipt of those notices, we inquired about the matter, and the findings thereon substantiate the allegations imposed on your agents.

This letter is intended to notify you that you are found in contravention of our said agreement. You shall be bound to pay plenty as per clause no. 5 of the agreement. Further, you are requested to provide us with plausible justification in your favor so that we will not proceed with the discontinuation of the agreement with you in the future.

Your prompt response would be highly anticipated.

Truly yours

Alan Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Price Water Cooper

Breach of Agreement Letter of Complain

Sales Manager,
WIC Co. Inc.
New York


It is stated that under an agreement signed by your company with our company to sell 500 bales of cotton, you were bound to provide us with the full quantity of cotton by the end of last month. But only 200 bales had been sent by your company to date, and the remaining quantity was not sent which amounts to a breach of the contract. The full payment of the order was paid in advance. The company is unable to prepare orders for its clients as the raw material is not provided by you.

It is to inform you that, the specific performance of the agreement must be performed as soon as possible otherwise; legal procedure will be started against your company.

Yours Sincerely,


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