Goodbye Speech to Students in Primary School

Sample farewell speech by the teacher to students in primary school who completed their primary education and moved for higher education in a new school.

Sample Speech to End a Term in Primary School

Dear Students,

You all look very fresh. Maybe it is because you are free from the exams and have finally completed your term. I hope your exams went well. Now, after your primary school end term, you have entered into a different world, different in the sense that you should start to get mentally more mature after this. This is the crucial time when you start to prepare yourself for the bright future your parents have been dreaming of. Some of you might be thinking of becoming doctors, some of you engineers, police officers, etc. But one day, when you become something, you will still think of your primary school days, what carefree days these were, and how you used to be involved in playing, studying, and many other things you now do. These precious days will never come back. And you should enjoy the best of yourselves, and focus on your studies as well, as you have entered a different level now. I pray that you can achieve what you and your parents have dreamed of.


Farewell Speech Kindergarten Graduation

Dear Children,

I see you all fine and happy. And I know the reason for this happiness too, I guess. You must be pleased because your Kindergarten has come to an end, and thus you are all gathered to achieve your graduation certificates for it. Don’t you feel a little grown-up? I think you do, as you have crossed your stage one, and now you will enter a proper school with a uniform on, which will require much more discipline and hard work. You have grown into a little plant from tiny little seeds that still need a lot of time and effort to grow up. So So I hope that you will do well in your next stage.


Your Principal

Speech to End a Term in a Primary School by Teacher

Dear teachers and staff, good afternoon to all. As you all know, I have done my Master’s, and now I am promoted to high school. Therefore, I am leaving primary school. It’s been a wonderful time with you all, it was a wonderful experience with you and my sweet students, but life continues. I have given this school three years of my life and got back much more than expected.  I believe that I have learned a lot from this school apart from my studies. I got to understand the importance of time and management. I give credit to this school for making me a better teacher. I feel I have groomed a lot. I would like to thank our headmistress, who encouraged me to do a master’s in the relevant field, and because of her support, I am here today. She is my inspiration. I believe that education has no end. The more you learn, the more you get curious. Education is the only thing to take you to the heights of success.

Of course, I will miss you all, especially my students, whom I consider my kids. I wish you all the very best for the future, and I would like to suggest that you continue your studies to get to the heights you want—best of luck, and thanks.


Miss Jamie Ann

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