Rooms Booking Application for Students/Players

Application for Hostel/Hotel Guest Rooms booking for students/players, other universities’ coaches, teams, and students. You can use this letter for meeting room booking, conference room booking for company, or office guests.

Letter for Booking a Hotel Room

Hospitality Inn

Dear Manager,

With respect, I want to request you to arrange a room for me for three days. I have a very important official meeting to attend, and I do not expect any delay or negligence from you as you manage a very reputable hotel.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Customer,
Jeremy Bentham

Room Booking Application

Principal/Hostel Wardon
Address, City

Subject: Guest Rooms Booking for teams from another university

Dear Sir,

It is to be stated that we need more places for accommodation for the upcoming sports event in college.

More than nine colleges have participated in different sports such as volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis, dodge the ball, etc. Therefore plenty of space for accommodation is required for students and their teachers who will accompany them. Since we have no rooms available in our hostels, we need to arrange a guestroom near our university. For that, we need a letter of your permission. We will also have to take care of their security as the host school.

We would be grateful if you take this issue into your consideration.


Your Name
Sports Coordinator

Rooms Booking Application Sample
Rooms Booking Application Sample

Application for Hostel Room

Dear Principal,

I am writing this letter with a sincere request to provide me with accommodation in one of the hostel rooms. Since it is summer break, and everyone has gone to their homes to visit their families, most of the hostel rooms are empty. I will be staying on campus during summer break and require accommodation immediately.

I would arrange a hotel room but living there for two months will be very expensive, and I cannot afford such an amount. My old hostel room is now empty since we will be moving into different rooms once the new semester begins after the summer break. However, I request you to please assist me and arrange a hostel room for me in the meantime.

I will be very grateful for your cooperation. For further details, you may contact me at the number given below.

Best Regards

Your Name

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  1. grounds letter to school correspondent to give permission to conduct national level sports event in your school along with class room accommodations for players

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