Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

Format of letter to send to the company from where you have previously bought UPS batteries, and now its time to of their check up of maintenance.

Mail to Manager That Ups Batteries Are Down

Mr. Adnan Malik I am sending this mail to you so that I can tell you about the ups batteries problem. Yesterday I was in office at night, and at almost 11 o’clock the electricity gone all of a sudden, ups on at the moment for about 15 minutes, and after that they stopped working, and when I checked their condition I came to know that batteries need service.

Please check them, and inform me. Do this soon as workers are facing problems while doing work.


Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

To: OSAKA Repair Dept., Tokyo, Japan

I am writing in regards to the UPS Batteries I had purchased 3 years ago. The batteries used to perform very well.
However as of late, the batteries are unable to properly hold a charge. During power outages the ceiling fan has extremely low speeds, and the lights around the house tend to flicker.

I request that a serviceman come as soon as possible to repair and/or replace the batteries.

Jin Mikoyan
Tokyo, Japan

Letter for Maintenance of UPS Batteries

Dear Manager,

I send this letter to request you for the maintenance of the UPS batteries in our office. According to the record, it has been two years since the maintenance of batteries, and many of them have started to cause problems.

Their lives have gotten very short, and they do not supply electricity to the fans, and lights for enough time period. Also many make beeping noises when the light is out, and turns on, and off continually. It is really inconvenient for everyone present in the office to work due to the scorching heat. In addition to this, if we turn on the generators when the UPS do not work then the noise disturbs the employees who are in the PR department.

Kindly look into the matter, and grant me the permission so I can place an order for maintenance services. I would be very thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Ali Noor

In-charge Logistics Department


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