Application for Casual Leave in Office

Do you need a Casual Leave? But your boss may look for solid reasons to permit you the Casual Leave from Office. We provide Below Sample Casual Leave Application for office from annual casual leaves. Also known as CL. Many Samples of Applications for Casual Leave from the office are available for different reasons and scenarios. You can choose the best Casual Leave as per your situation. Click for More Leave Applications

Casual Leave for Office

Dear Sir/Madam,

I request you to please grant me casual leave for today (day and date). I will be grateful for your kind approval.

Sincerely YOurs,

Your Name

Casual Leave Application in SMS, WhatsApp Message

Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I need a casual leave from the office due to some very important domestic work. So please accept my leave for today dated (date here).

Thank you,

Your Name

Casual Leave Application to Office

Dear Sir,

Due to some personal reasons, I need a casual leave in the office for tomorrow dated (mention the date and date). So please accept my leave request. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Half-Day Casual Leave Application for Personal Work from Office

Design & Procurement


Dear Sir,
I hereby request that I take a leave from the office tomorrow dated (date) for the second half of the day to accomplish personal work in my housing society.

So kindly grant me leave as the matter is unavoidable. I am looking for your kind approval.

Yours sincerely

(Your Name)

SMS for Half Day Casual Leave to Boss

Good Morning
Dear Sir,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to inform you that I have to drop my wife off at her mother’s place as her mother is very sick. Due to this, I will get a little late for the office today. So kindly grant me half-day leave. Thank you.


Ahmed Zia
Trainee Officer

Email for Casual Leave from Office to Visit School of your Son

The HR Manager,
American Lyceum,

Respectfully, I want to state that I have to go with my younger son to his school for tomorrow’s annual parent-teacher meeting. Therefore, I would not be able to attend my work at the office. Please Grant me leave for one day (Date).

I shall be grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Application Requesting Casual Leave from the Office

Kristina Pimenova,
Manager Financial Services,

Dear Madam:

I humbly request you to allow me a casual leave on __ (date). I have been delaying my household tasks due to my long working hours.

I have to buy necessities from the market and repair a couple of things at my house. Unfortunately, I cannot do such extensive tasks after work due to back and foot pain. Due to this, I will need a whole day to accomplish all tasks.

I apologize for any inconvenience. Please allow me to take a leave. I would be very grateful to you for this act of compassion.

Yours sincerely,
Rosey Tariq.

Casual Leave Application for Office

The Managing Director,

Subject: Leave for one day from the office

Dear Sir,

Most humbly, it is requested that I have to do some chores at home. Due to this, I won’t be able to come to the office tomorrow, on 3rd August. I’ve completed all my assigned office tasks due tomorrow and have guided my assistant to deliver the reports whenever required. Kindly grant me leave for one day.

I am thanking you in anticipation.
Sales Manager

Casual Leave for Employee due to Important Work

The Managing Director,

Subject: Casual Leave Due to Domestic Reasons

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I have an important family affair to attend at Islamabad due to which I won’t be able to come to the office for the next four days from (Date) To (Date). So kindly allow me to leave for these days. Thank you.

Ahad Khan

Application of Casual Leave for One Day

Country Manager

Dear Madam,

Respectfully stating that I, Mr. Raza Ali, am an employee of your office serving as assistant to Mr. Ali Bajwa, the senior accountant. I write this letter to request you to grant me one day leave from office, as I shall not be available for official services on 3rd March, due to some personal issues. Therefore, I request you grant me casual leave for one day and give me a chance of gratefulness.
Thank you,

Raza Ali
Assistant Manager

Casual Leave from Office Due to Guests

Manager Services Division,

Dear Madam,

I, Aarav, have been working in the sales coordination department as Senior Sales Supervisor. Today, as I was busy making a sales analysis report, I got home a call that my uncle has come from England surprisingly.

As it was not planned, I request you to please grant me casual leave for tomorrow to give him company for a day because he loves me very much and has arrived after five years.

I will be very thankful for your kindness.


Half-day Leave Application Letter for Personal Work in Email

Dear Boss,

I am Mr. Tariq Hyder, working at your organization as Junior Marketing Officer. I am writing this letter to inform you that I will file a short leave for the second half on 7th April. The reason is that I have to visit my home town for some personal, and family matters. As you know, I reside out of town, and my presence is necessary for family matters.

You can reach out via phone call in case of any urgency related to official matters. Keeping in view the situation, you are kindly requested to grant my request for a short leave. I will be highly obliged for this act of kindness. I am looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you.


Short Leave Email for Personal Reason from Office

Respected Sir,

I am Ms. Naseem Akhtar, an employee of your organization, serving under you as T.A & D.A department officer. As you know, I am doing M. Phill and a project for some research work. For this reason, I have an appointment of an hour, for meeting with the Director of the company under discussion of my project on the date 26th April at 10 oclock in the morning.

I want to file a short leave on the stated date for the first half of the day for the stated reason. I assure to get back to work and cover the leftover tasks as soon as I am free from there. You can approach me via phone call in case of any issues regarding official matters. I am looking forward to having a positive response from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Your,
Naseem Akhtar

Short Leave for First Half from Office

The Managing Director,

Subject: Short leave from office

Dear Sir,

Most humbly, it is requested that I want to attend the parents’ teacher meeting of my son at his school tomorrow. He has been a brilliant child, and I pay special attention to his academic progress. Therefore, I request you kindly grant me leave for the first half of the day, i.e., from 8 am till 11 am tomorrow on 27th August. I shall remain obliged to you.

Mustafa Zahid
Productions Manager

Leave Application by Worker for Casual Leave from the Office/Institute

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  2. Most humbly It is to inform to you that today I am not able to attend your office to work So I am submitting my casual leave for one day on dated 23-03-2010. So you are requested to kindly grant me leave for one day.
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