Requesting Advance Payment Letter For Vehicle Maintenance

Sample of Advance Payment Letter from Company to Auto Maintenance Workshop. You can use this letter to request payment issuance in advance for vehicle, motorcycle, car, or bus maintenance from the company/employer.

Application for Issuance of Advance Payment for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Dear Sir,

I request you to please issue an advance payment of (mention the amount here) for maintenance of (Vehicle No. ). This vehicle is being used by the marketing department and urgent maintenance work is required because there is no alternative vehicle available. I request you to please issue an advance payment of (mention the amount here). The total remaining amount will be finalized after maintenance work completion.

Major maintenance work required is as follows:

  • Engine: Overhauling
  • Tyre Change: Mention company name
  • Body: Denting and painting Work
  • Side mirror replacement
  • Front Screen Replacement
  • Back Lights Replacement
  • Front Headlight replacement

I request an immediate advance payment for the timely completion of vehicle maintenance. Looking for your kind approval and payment issuance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Requesting Advance Payment for Vehicle Maintenance

Dear Sir,

I want to request for issuance of an advance payment for vehicle maintenance (Vehicle No. 0000). This is the annual maintenance and workshop that provided us an estimate of (mention the amount here). The major maintenance work required is mentioned below.

  • Body: Denting and Painting (mention the amount here
  • Engine: Overall checkup and maintenance (mention the amount here)
  • Parts: Parts cost will be separate and billed accordingly

I request you to please issue an advance amount of (mention the amount here) in favor of (mention the workshop name or the name of the receiver). I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your name)

Application for Advance Payment for Vehicle Maintenance

Finance Director
OBTC School
United Kingdom

Subject: Request for Issuance of Advance Payment

Dear Sir,

It is stated that Vehicle No. 6462 Hyundai Grace’s engine needs to be repaired. The total expense for the repair of the VAN Engine is $ 4,000, and we need to pay $. 3,000 cash payment as advance. I request you to please issue the payment as soon as possible.

Assistant Manager Administration

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