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Partnership Bank Account Opening Request Letter

Sample company Bank Account opening request letter to bank for business under multiple ownership’s or More than one signatory. You can use this for all type of business and other partnership accounts.

Opening of Partnership Bank Account

Dear Mr. Ehsan,
Manager MCB
MCB Bank,
RST building, MN Road,

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to captioned subject.

I have a current account with your prestigious bank from many years. Considering quality of services of your bank has provided to customers and the returns offered, I am interested to open my partnership saving account with your bank.

I have received the account opening form and duly filled the same. Your support staff was extremely co-operating in this regard.

Please find enclosed herewith the account opening form as referred above, and the attested documents being desired by your good honor.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Truly yours,

Hashim Zahid & Co.
Chartered Accountants

Letter for Partnership Bank Account Opening

The Manager
Bank Name & Branch

Subject: Account Opening Request (Partnership Account)

Dear Sir or Madam,

We Ms. Minahil with CNIC# 1110101111111  and Ms. Mariam with CNIC#2220222222222 Carrying a partnership business under the name or style of SemiOffice Corp hereby request to new account in the name of as mentioned above and until written notice from us to the contrary, We have read and understood the terms and conditions governing the account(s), a copy of which has been supplied to me along with the account opening form. I agree to be bound by the same and any amendments which SCB may deem it.

Furthermore we will operate this account Either or survivor basis.


Name: Ms. Minahil            Name: Ms. Mariam

CNIC #: 1110111111111  CNIC#: 2220222222222

Partnership Account Opening Request Letter to Bank
Partnership Account Opening Request Letter to Bank

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