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Sample Request Letter Funding for College

Example of letter requesting authorities to provide funds for necessities of college e.g buildings or auditoriums to facilitate students.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance For College


The Education Minister,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that the fund we received last month for the construction of our new building is not sufficient. As you know that number of students is increasing every year and there is insufficient place to accommodate all the students. We received half of the amount we quoted.

I request you to process my application so we can continue the construction of the building. Please find attached bills and other documents regarding the construction process.  New session will be starting by the 10th of July and we are left with 1 month only. We are supposed to windup all the work within this month. Please pay special attention to my request.  I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Cambridge College

Sample Letter for Funding in College


Name of Institution,

Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

As you are our most valuable trustee and we are always thankful to you for being an important part of our college, we are delighted to inform you that student from our college has recently won various prizes both at district and provincial level; they have added more starts to our college. We have made our name in field of supports as well as other extra-circular activities including speech, debates and other academic competitions. We are one of the best colleges that provide reasonable fee structure but we never compromise on our studies.

As we are growing, number of our students is also expanding due to which we have to hire more teachers. With this increase of students we lack funds in providing those best possible opportunities where they can enhance their skills and abilities. We hold a proven record of education, I thereby request your institute to increase and send the funds which will help us to secure the future of these wonderful students which are our true assists.

Together by joining our hands we can act as catalyst to save the future of our country, I expect that you will hear my request and grant us funds so that we can implement on our strategies as soon as possible, we are waiting earnestly for your response as we won’t be able to function further without these funds, we value your support highly.

Warm Regards,

Sender’s Name.


Sample Letter Requesting Funding for College

To: Mr. Travola – Headmaster
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that we need additional funding for our college.

As you know, our college has a very high reputation, and more and more students are coming through every year.

We need to create additional buildings to accommodate for the new students.

I request that you hire the contractors to start this work immediately, as the next semester is coming soon.

Thank you and I await your reply.

Professor Adams
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

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