Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues

Sample Letter for Quitting a Job due to poor and insufficient salary package from the employer or company.

Resignation Letter Due to Deduction in Salary

Dear company director,

I am writing to you because I would like to give you my official letter of resignation. I have been working with this company for three years and I have been at different branches all over the world. However I can say that I have not been to a more disorganized branch than this one. My job requires that I travel from branch to branch and hand in my report but over the last six months the one constant problem has become a big headache for me and my family.

Salary is something that is fixed each month and in the last six months my salary has been lower and lower due to the company deducting without any reason and even my daily wages that I get for my labor supply have been reduced due to company budget issues. I have sent various letters of complaint and have even talked to the head of this company in person about this but unfortunately, nothing has been done.

It is for this reason that I am resigning. This mess has cause me a lot of stress as I also have bills to pay and a family that rely on me to provide for them. I hope that you sort this out for your future employees and I wish you all the best in the future.

Kind regards,

Mr. __

Resignation Letter Salary Not Enough

Rose  Co. Ltd.,
Lahore, Pakistan,

Respected Employer,

The reason for my writing to you is that I am quitting the job the company has provided me with. The reason behind quitting is the lesser salary offered. I am able to find a better job.

Yours Respectfully,


Want To Resign Due To Poor Salary

Respectable CEO,
Industries PVT. Ltd,


Most respectfully, I want to say that I am facing problems at work, the main problem being the low salary and the casual budget cuts being the reasons behind them. I am unable to afford my basics and secondly, other employers are paying a much handsome salary for the particular job I am performing at your company. Therefore, I have decided to quit the job. I can no longer remain in the financial crises being faced right now. Please accept my resignation and consider this application as formal resignation I am sending you.

Yours Sincerely,

mention the name.

Resignation Letter Salary Settlement

The HR Team, shoes, Lahore

Respected sir,

With all due respect it is stated that I have been a part of your business from last 3 years, and my performance is up to the mark. I have always been a pro and punctual employee and have given my best but I feel that the salary I am receiving for the job is much more less as compared to the performance. I would like to serve an organization which will respect my talent and efforts and would pay me what I deserve. Sir, I am resigning from this job as I am looking for a better opportunity. I would appreciate if you clear my payment for this month. Thanks.


Ali Khan

Resign Letter Due to Salary Increment

The General Manager,
ZoX Communications, Lahore

Dear Sir,

It is humbly submitted that I am working in your esteemed organization as Manager I.T for the last ten years. I have had a good time with you for many years but now I am getting some salary issues for the last three months due to which it is regretted to inform you that I am unable to continue my services with your esteemed organization in such scenario.

I have also not been rewarded annual increment this year which is due since last December due which I am facing many financial issues and I am unable to fulfill even basic needs at home. I, therefore, hereby resign from my services and request your kind honor to accept it so that I can try for my job in some other organization. I assure you that I will complete all my pending assignments before leaving and also train the other person who will come to look after my duties.

I hope you will accept my resignation due to above mentioned reasons.

Yours Truly,

Danial Slim,
Manager I.T

Letter of Resignation Due to the Salary Issue

The Placement Manager,
High Bottles,
xyz, UK

Respected Madam,

With best regards, I am writing this letter to inform you about my resignation from the company. I have been serving this company since 2001. Many times I have been ignored by the senior management in regard of my promotion. I have been promoted once but not given any fringe benefit in my salary. I have submitted my request several times showing the loyalty. No response have been given by the concerns in reply. I am so, resigning from the company to join another firm after being mistreated here several times. I shall handover all the assets to this office today. Thank you

Yours Dutiful,


Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues
Resignation Letter Due to Salary Issues

Resignation Letter to the Company for Not Sufficient Salary

The Manager HR,

Dear Sir,

It is with regret that I tender my resignation from the post of store in-charge at seven star logistics on account of insufficient salary. As you know, I have been working efficiently for one year in the company and my working performance is admired by all senior officers and colleagues. My services are also acknowledged by the director general as well.

I am sorry to inform you that salary which the company is offering me is insufficient as compared to the expenses of a middle classed person. Irony is that no increment is added in this salary since my date of appointment. Having seen the static growth in terms of earning, I have been desperate and forlorn.

You are requested to accept my resignation by virtue of insufficient salary and give clearance at your earliest.

With regards

Store In-charge

Resignation Letter for Insufficient Salary

Respected HR office,
With effective from today, I am resigning from this company because of insufficient salary package. I have been struggling with my personal financial life. It is becoming very hard for me to make the ends meet with the package given. I have a family member to take care of as well as my own needs. With my current salary I can’t even fulfill my everyday needs properly.

I had been requesting my boss to give me a raise but there was no luck there. So, I am leaving this job to find a better one which can offer me just enough to increase my standard of life.

Thank you


Resignation Letter for Not Sufficient Salary

Respected Sir,

I hope you are good in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you about my problem. First of all I am very thankful to you that you provided me the job when I need it the most, you helped me a lot in every possible way, but the thing is that the work you gave me, is so much difficult and hard that the salary according to that is very less.

As my shift starts from 8 am and continues till 9 pm. I continuously do  work with only 15 minutes of lunch break. I think I am giving my hundred percent to you but my pay does not reflect my efforts. So after so many requests from HR and company I am resigning from the post of manager today.


Chaudhry Irfan

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