Request Letter for Repair of Air Condition

Format of sample letter to repair air conditioner in the office, classroom, apartment as the heat increases day by day. It is getting tough to work/live there without this facility.

Request Letter for Change of Office AC Unit

Dear Sir,
I want to bring it to your notice that our office’s AC unit is not working, and it was troubling in the last season. I request you to please approve the change of this dead unit immediately with a new air conditioner. I hope you will grant my request.

Sincerely Yours,
(Your name)

Request letter for Repair, Maintenance, and Service of AC

Dear Sir,
I want to inform you about the air conditioner problems at our (branch/campus/franchise). During last season its performance was below average now again summer is started, and I request you to please order the maintenance, service, and repair work if required. I hope you oblige my request asap.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Request Letter to Repair Air Conditioner

To: Manager Ryan Oswald

Dear Mr. Ryan,

I am writing to inform you that the office’s air conditioner has not been working for 2 weeks now. It is extremely hot in the office, and it is unbearable to work 8 hours a day in such heat.

I respectfully request that you get the air conditioner fixed as soon as possible. I would be extremely grateful.


Joey Barbara

Request Letter for Repair of Air Conditioner

Apartment number
Building address

To the building administration!

I have called a few times too on your provided contact number, but nobody responded. At the end of last summer season, almost all the air conditioners in the building were not cooling the apartment, and were creating a very humid atmosphere in the rooms. But when we complained, the supervisor said that the season is almost over now, and he will look into this matter in the next season.

Now it has been a month of the scorching heat, and still, nobody in the building has heard anything from you people. It is humbly requested that you send an electrician in the following week to repair our air conditioners, and make our living pleasantly here in this building.

Hope to see a follow-up procedure about this complaint soon.



Request Letter for Repair of Air Condition

 To Kenwood Office,

Dear Manager,

Last year I bought an Air Condition of Kenwood from the company’s outlet. It has worked quite well ever since I bought it. However, these past few days, the Air condition is creating weird noises whenever turned on. I cleaned the grills, too, if it was due to duct blockage, but unfortunately, it did not solve the problem.

As I bought it last year, so I still have a warranty left of two years. Also, I have all the receipts, and warranty cards. I called on the office number yesterday, given the receipt, but no one picked it up. As you know, the weather is quite hot, and this scorching heat makes it nearly impossible to survive without an AC, and it is just going to get a lot worse with time.

I do not want to hire a local mechanic who might only worsen the situation, or solve the problem temporarily. I would like you to fix a date on which I can bring the AC to your office, or send someone to my place to repair it.  If there is any serious damage that is not covered in the warranty card, I am ready to pay whatever charges are implied.

Kindly acknowledge my mail as soon as possible. You can contact me for any further information, or further details such as my home address. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Naeem Haider

Contact _________

Request Letter for Repair of Air Condition

To: HR Dept., Home Hardware — Woodbury Branch
Chehalis, Washington, United States

I am writing this letter in regards to the broken air conditioner in my office. I work the desk job in the office near the front entrance, keeping track of sales. The air conditioner does not work anymore; it turns on; however, there is no cooling. It is difficult for me to work in the extreme heat we have been facing this month in Chehalis.

I respectfully request that the air conditioner be repaired as soon as possible, as it is getting somewhat unbearable.

Kind regards,
Maggie Archer
Chehalis, Washington, United States

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