Application for Football Match

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Application for Friendly Football Match

The Principle,
King Edward Medical College,

Dear Sir,

I beg to say that our class got so much talent of playing football. Some of the class students are very good in the game they want to play match against the teams of other classes, and to improve that medical students are also physically strong not only mentally strong. I hope that you will accept my approval for the match.

Yours obediently,

Justin martin
Roll no.58

Application for Permission to Play a Friendly Football Match

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this to you so that I can ask for your permission to play football match in society. As you have restricted us to just play cricket, or basketball, we want you to allow us to play football as well. I don’t know what exactly the reason, that you’ve banned football here in society ground. Please sir allows us it’s a humble request.



Michael Cane

Application Letter for Football Match

Dear Sir,

It is stated that i want your permission of having a football match in society. Many of the boys are requesting for arranging a match for society as it will be an entertainment for them, and for the society as well. I think we should consider it as a healthy activity, and go for it.

Please sir allows me to arrange it.

Hoping for positive response


Bella John

Application Letter for Football Match


The principal, St. Anthony high school

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you for arranging a football match at New Palace football ground in collaboration with St. Martins’s high school.  This match will not only develop the awareness regarding the importance of sports activities in schools but will also let the players to experience the exposure by playing with new players, and help them to learn more skills. Students will get chance to know each other, and it will highlight the talented players, and it might be possible that they will get a chance to play at state level. I shall be really thankful to you if you will consider my idea. I shall be looking forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sam Smith,

Head of sports department,

St. Martin’s high school

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