Letter for NOC from Bank by Customers or Account Holders

Sample letter to bank manager for issuance of non-objection certificate(NOC). Request letter for NOC to the bank for loan, credit card, credit card machine, or other bank services.

Dear Sir،

I am a customer of your bank and am also using a credit card with the account. I need a NOC from your bank so I can apply for a loan from another bank. I request you to please issue my NOC as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Bank for NOC

The Bank Manager

Dear Sir

I, Your Name, Account holder at this bank with A/C no. xxxx787778367, request you to issue a no-objection certificate against my particulars. Kindly Issue the requested document so that I can proceed with my financial documentation at my new office for the monthly transaction of the salary.

Your Name

Letter for NOC from Bank

Dear Manager,

I am an account holder of this HBL branch. You know that HBL has recently offered a debit scheme to its customers with current and savings accounts. To avail of this opportunity, I need to have NOC from my relevant branch. I am sure I have not breached any of the rules of my HBL account at your branch. It is easily verifiable. So, after confirming my no liability to the branch, it will be convenient for you to issue me NOC to apply for this debit scheme promptly.

Thank You.


NOC Template from Bank

Dear Sir,

This is regarding your letter no. XX/XX/XXXX dated XXXX seeking No Objection Certificate (NOC) regarding transferring your account from our bank.

We are pleased to inform you that nothing had come to our attention that causes us to believe that we are under the constraint to issue NOC to you to transfer your account from our bank to ABC bank. I hope the NOC would suffice the entire matter.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Alan Taylor

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  1. Application for Embassy where my parents applied for visa but it asked them to provide bank my statement for three months and I have only two months history with the bank in which I have deposited money.

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