Letter to Principal Requesting Teacher Change

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Request for Teacher Replacement

Respected Principal,

I would like to inform you that we are not satisfied with our English teacher. Most of the students may have the same complaint. She has not even yet completed the syllabus. However, other sections are enjoying revisions.

You are requested to change the English teacher so that we might be prepared for the exams on time.

Thank You,

(YourName, Class, Roll No.)

Request Letter for Change of Class Teacher

Dear Principal,

You are requested to change our physics teacher as he is not teaching properly and is harassing aspiring students. So far, very few syllabi have been taught. And there is less time ahead and more syllabuses. I don’t think the syllabus will be completed before the papers as fast as they teach. And they keep repeating the same exercise over and over again. So as not to have to go further. Thanks

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name and Class

Application Requesting Change of Teacher

Dear Principal,

I would like to inform you that our math teacher prefers to waste time, talk nonsense, tell jokes, and leave the classroom without teaching. And this is a daily habit. Of course, that’s what some students may want the same, so they’re very happy. But the whole class is wasting time, and the papers are probably not far away.

Please sit in our classroom for a few days and see what is happening. But even if the teacher ever wanted to teach, he does not know what he teaches. And maybe he either doesn’t have the experience or doesn’t know how to teach. You are requested to find a quick solution to this problem. It is better to change the teacher because hardly any student can pass in the papers if this condition persists. I hope you will consider my request. And you will find a proper and immediate solution.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter to Principal Requesting Teacher Change

The Principal

Dear Sir,

It is to request that the biology teacher appointed for 9th grade is not giving proper time and care to the class. Although he might have a degree in biology, he lacks grip on the subject matter discussed during the lectures.

The students are not satisfied with his teaching style. So we request you kindly change the biology teacher for 9th grade and appoint someone with knowledge and grip on the subject.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Class representative,
9th Grade

Sample Letter to Principal Requesting Teacher Change

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

With great respect, it is hereby stated that we, the students of BBA, part 1, want to request your good office to change our Mathematics teacher urgently.

The current teacher is very nice and hardworking, but unfortunately, his methodology is not all that easy for us to understand.

Please consider our request on an emergency basis to avoid further delays as the exams are nearing, and we all are worried about our Mathematics subject.

Thank you very much.
Best Regards,

BBA Part 1

Letter to Principal Requesting Teacher Change

To Principal,

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you have appointed our new math class teacher, we would like to request you to change it to Mr. James. He is a great Math teacher. He knows how to teach difficult questions efficiently. His methodology is as good as we have already attended some of his classes. We understand his tricks in a very easy way.

I hope you will understand our situation.

Thank You

Yours obediently

Caitlin Nathan

Request Letter To Change Subject Teacher

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am a student and CR of class (class and section). I am writing this application to you so that I can request you to please change our English teacher, as the whole class isn’t satisfied with her teaching. The topics she teaches us are tough and are of higher education level that we do not usually understand, and if we ask a question, she always refuses to answer and ends the class at that very moment.

So it is a kind request from me, and my class fellows to change our English teacher within five days so that we can continue our subject from next week, as you know the middle term is from next month, and we are left with so much syllabus.

I hope you will take action on it immediately.


Your Name

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  1. Hey i am a student of class 10th and want my history,civics and economics teacher to get replaced by ms.neeta chhabra ma’am but the new teacher has been recently aapointed and i had just appointed one class by her and there are 47 students in my class but not all students want that new teacher to get replaced by ms. Neeta chhabra ma’am so only a majority of 20-25 students want to get the teacher replaced so i want to ask that how do i write an application for the same in a respectful manner without telling the flaws of the new teacher and just by telling the qualities of ms. Neeta Chhabra ma’am which made her our favourite and also i want to know that how do i mention the signature of the students of my class who wants the new teacher to get replaced.

    I will highly grateful if i get the solution of my problem from you guys as soon as possible.

  2. A request letter to a college principal for having a specific teacher as next years class tutor mentioning that teachers quality

  3. A request letter to a college principal for having a specific teacher as next years class tutor mentioning that teachers quality

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