Request letter to Office to Give Information for Your Project

Sample format of a request letter to send to your office, and asking them to give you a brief about the task that you are in charge of.

Request Letter to Office Staff to Send the Briefings

To the head of department,

Company name



Dear Sir,

It is stated that you choose me for the upcoming project of the company which in expected to be completed till next month. I feel privileged to be a part of this opportunity, and consider myself very lucky to be chosen by you. As you know a week has been already passed while my name has been finalized for this work but unfortunately I am still unaware of the work, and duties I am expected to do within this time. I know it’s a big project that will be presented in front of an international panel. One week has already passed, and we are only left with 3 weeks till the date of presentation. I request you to provide me details of the project till tomorrow so I can start working on it, and try to make it present through best visualizations. You know a good presentation requires a lot of hard work, and a specific time so I kindly let me know the details as soon as you can so I can make company proud due to this presentation.

I shall be thankful to you.



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