Sample Letter For Additional Driver in Office

Format of sample letter to send to your employer/boss, and telling them about the inconvenience you have to face due to not having enough drivers for doing all the chores.

Sample Letter for Additional driver in office

 Dear Sir,

I wrote this letter to you for an additional driver in the office. Our company’s work mostly depends on the delivery, and picking of the items from other companies, and outlets, and since our company has recently started to operate on large scale, the work load has also increased.

We currently have 24 vehicles which are only used for the purpose of delivery, and other office errands which is more than enough according to my knowledge. However, the problem arises when it comes to the number of driver. As all of our currently hired drivers are working in the delivery department so we have no one for the conveyance of our guests, or when any representative of any other company comes from out of station with regard to business deals. Last week when the manager of High Tech communication came, I had to send my personal driver to pick him from the airport as no other driver was available.

I request you to hire an additional driver for this purpose as it gets really inconvenient at the last moment. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor,


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