Writing a Letter To Parents For Poor Performance in Mathematics And Other Subjects.

This letter can be used by any teacher, professor, instructor, principal to the parents of any child/ student.

Writing a letter to parents for poor performance in mathematics, and other subjects



Dear Parents,

Your son (name) student of 7th class in our school (school name) was a brilliant student till last year. He was among the toppers of the batch, and was always in highlight but this year he performed below average in mid-term examination. Mid terms is a type of mock exams of half the syllabus coming in finals. We are worried that if your son is not able to score good in mid exams how will he manage to get a good percentage in his final exams. The result in all of the subjects was poor. In mathematics, he has failed scoring only 4 marks out of 100 which are unacceptable by us, and you as well. The condition of other subjects is not also up to the mark. It seems like (name) is been under stress due to any uncertain conditions.

You should visit any counselor for his counseling. Paying heed to his studies is necessary at this moment, or else kindly get arranged any home tutor for him who can concentrate on him at his home also, or else he won’t be allowed to take his final examination.



Writing a letter to parents for lack of interest, and poor performance in physical activity



Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter with sheer anxiety that your child, (name of child), does not show any interest in physical activities. Even in the PE period, you will see him sitting alone in some shade, and doing nothing. Moreover, he does not even make friends. We have tried to approach him so many times but we just does not speak at all. The other day, we had fitness test, and he performed below average. Not only that, he is usually lazy in class, and does not show interest in anything. He repeatedly claims about headache, and he falls off to sleep in classes to.

We have been trying to get to him, and have also tried to convince him to get active, and take parts in several activities but it is not working. We understand that he is amazing in studies but along with that mental, and physical health is also very important.

I request you to personally look into this matter, and take measures to improve his interest, and well being. I hope you will look into this. Thank you!

With Best Regards,

Name of principal


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